Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eve Eve

Hey all! Can you believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow? WOW - that's nuts... The boys have been counting down the days so we've known it was comin... :)

I grocery shopped today and survived alright. It wasn't actually as busy as I dreaded. The kids are at Nanny and Papa's, probably out on the ice now. Mikie couldn't wait to get out there. When we first got there, he went to the lake while I chased Chloe to the neighbors yard where she proceeded to "leave her mark" and run back home. Lil' turd!

Nothin like this "big turd" here named Bean though. Just once I'd love for her to carry the groceries in. I mean come on, she follows me back and forth to the truck, even knocks the bags over, can't she just pick one up? She's getting shaved tomorrow - so the festive holidays will be spent with "Bean head." :)

I hope you guys are all doing well - we'll show ya some pix soon! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!