Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wet Feet

Boy oh boy, my feet are still wet and cold.
Who knows, they may even grow mold.
That wouldn’t surprise me after the day I’ve had,
I think I’ve gone crazy, some call it “mad.”
The morning started off decent enough,
Jack was up at 5:30a, so that was kinda tough.
But we were all happy and as well rested as could be,
and headed for “Thursday with Nanny and Papa,” you see.
While packing into the truck in the pouring down rain.
Jack was mad at Mikie for wearing his coat which was insane.
It doesn’t even fit him anymore,
but sometimes he just likes to keep score.
With our garage door that still seems to be busted,
I pulled the truck out into the rain as the wind gusted.
Out of the truck and into the garage to shut the heavy door,
like the wheel on the Price is Right, but weighing more.
Bean is going absolutely nuts inside the house,
so I come in and pull up the blinds all crooked and rouse.
I tell her to calm down as I run back in the rain,
to get back in the truck and on the road again.
Off to Nanny and Papa’s we head,
but not without 2 stops on the way to deal with crabby ‘fred.
Jack is mad about everything and nothing at once,
but he said he’d chill out (at least until lunch :).
So we get there and visit with Nanny and Papa, I did too,
Jack asked me a few times, “when you gonna leave, foooo”
So I took off to the grocery store, but first,
ran thru Taco Bell, it wasn’t the best, but also not the worst.
Get then to the store and do my shopping,
hearing the rain pound on the roof, like we need more rain a whopping.
I enjoy the self checkout with no matter how many items I have,
today a nice lady helped me bag, not without dropping my tea (decaf).
Two carts I end up with, well it’s a full two weeks worth of grub.
They offer to help me out, but I am always in this rub.
Sometimes I have the 3 kids and 2 carts, can you just see me?
At least those times I serve the kiddos a cookie for their fee.
So out the doors of the store I head pulling one cart and pushing another.
Wouldn’t you know the wheels on the front cart I discover,
are all dorked and wheel me to the right,
into the path of other shoppers, ohh what a delight.
I manage to get to my truck in the pouring rain,
unload all my goodies and hop in again.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
no miniature sleigh or eight tiny reindeer.
But my truck won’t start, gave new definition to “dead in the water.”
Apparently my lights had been left on, ohh what a bother!
So I call Erk first and he gives me some suggestions to help,
I go back out into the rain to ask an employee with a yelp,
“Umm, do you guys ever have to help someone jump their car battery?”
“WHAT?” the young kid rudely responds without the slightest flattery.
So I ask him again and he pulls the headphones off his head,
Asks me if I know what time it is, “umm my battery is dead!”
He figures out who to call on his walkie talkie thing,
But after being rained on says with a smirk, we can’t do a ‘fing!
I understand store policies and all, I do,
But when Erk and I used to bag groceries, we helped without saying boo.
I walk back and climb into my truck soaking wet,
And call my dear ol’ Dad to help me and you bet.
He was there as soon as he could be, but a spot close enough to jump?
We’d have to wait for a car in front of mine or to the side to move their rump.
Sit there and wait a few minutes did we.
When finally a man and baby came out to be,
in the car just to the left of mine.
But wouldn’t you know all he did was take his time?
Then his “woman” comes out of the store and practically changes her clothes.
Then puts on makeup, tells her life story and must of told her man her woes.
FINALLY they move their rears outta the parking spot,
And Dad had my truck jumped and running right on the dot.
“Thanks Dad!” As we hug a wet hug in the parking lot,
I had to run then to the post office just around the block.
So I park and hope my truck will start back up,
as I pull into my spot my low fuel light comes on, 'son of a pup!
But I quickly get out in the rain when I hear my name called,
It’s a friend and customer of our website so I stop and say ya’ll.
We visit and I run into the post office real quick,
My truck started up fine and I headed home in a lick.
Pull into my driveway and wouldn’t you know?
my coke dumps right in my front seat, way to go!
So I grab what is near to clean it all up,
Molly’s dirty shorts from the back seat of the truck.
I open my back hatch and wouldn’t you know my eggs fall out,
Fortunately none broken, God’s hand caught them, no doubt!
Groceries unloading and my nostrils filled with skunk smell.
That skunk in the road squished now a few times and well…
At least I’m home and alive with just wet feet,
And my groceries are now put away all nice and neat.

Plugged In

Good day! The kids are being rambunctious upstairs and I hear yelling, so I should be up there. But instead, the breakfast and last night's dinner dishes are staring at me. The dishwasher was running last night at dinnertime so I couldn't do the dishes then. Too bad our dishwasher takes 2 years to complete a cycle and is plugged right into the sink, so doing them by hand isn't even an option! Ahh, I may as well do them all at once anyways...

How are you today? Kiddos are headed to Nanny and Papa's house today. I'm planning to grocery shop and get some other odds and ends done. Have a great one!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Backpack Blockage

Well, here I sit on the couch, covered in not one but two quilts. Bean dog is sleeping on the chair next to me, I can only see the red parts of her eyeballs as she's trying to doze off but this darn light is keeping her awake. See, I went to bed about an hour ago. Erk got home from his golf trip around 7p, which was a nice surprise! The kids were at Granny and Grampa's and here I sat watching General Hospital that was taped today. In comes Erk... he is whipped. So he calls it a night at 9p and I said I was gonna sit up for a bit. But then the house is super quiet and my eyes are a little heavy, so about 9:20p I head up too. Wash my face, check the kids, climb into bed. Then the snoring begins. He can't help it - feels horrible about it - but it's there. I try to convince myself I'm tired enough to sleep anyway, but it didn't work tonight. So I get up, grab my pillow and a quilt and head on down here. I figured I'd take a potty break before getting too comfy so I go in the bathroom down here and flip the light on, only to see the largest freaky spider right there at eye level. AHH! I quickly grab my hairspray bottle which is conveniently on the counter and smack him. He tries to flee, but I was quick and swift and he met his demise. Now I feel like I'm itchy all over, don't ya hate that? So anywho, I get a second quilt while looking for something warm to put on (in the laundry room with all the clean clothes - I can guess what I'll be doing tomorrow - folding 'em) and here I sit. Wouldn't you know I can still hear the snoring down here?? I even went up in the dark and put Jack's backpack over the register and I can still hear it.

Let's hope Bean doesn't snore and no spiders get me in the night. Ohh, and I've decided that McD's "sweet tea" isn't a good idea for dinner either. It's like I have toothpicks holding my eyes open and I'm guessing it's the after effects of that!

Practice Makes Perfect

So here is another video for you :) I turned the camera half way thru to catch the right angle, so you may find you have to lean your head to the left to see it! We are getting prepped for Mike and Camille's wedding...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a NUT

Umm, nice parking spot. Is that valet?
doesn't stop her from eatin' her Honey Nuts!

I caught her the other day with a snack and her beautifully placed bonnet -

Ohh, and of course there were shoes nearby that she had to try on...


Not up to much today - had double nursery duty today. Mom and Dad helped me out with Erk gone (he left early this morning for an overnighter golf gig with Matt). I knew the kids wouldn't quite "do" 2 hours (actually ends up being more like 3) in the nursery with me, so at the second service, Nanny and Papa took them home with them and fed 'em lunch. That was great! I scooted over afterwards to pick them up and we came home for naps. Mol went right down and the boys and I ended up watching a mooooovie they had rented the other day while at Nanny and Papa's. I zonked in the chair (I'm such an OLD woman) while they watched. I woke up to "Mom, it's DONE!"

Now I have some good smellin' chicken in the oven and we'll eat supper pretty soon. It's been raining a LOT the past few days. Last night on my way home from our first ever hosted "Laptop Crop," I could only go 20 MPH on our road (which is usually more like 55MPH). It was pouring down rain in sheets. We had a really nice time yesterday, had 5 ladies there total, what an awesome group of Christian women. It was so fun to get to know some more and just spend the day laughing it up and catching up with the others! It's crazy how Tara and I have reconnected after these years, she graduated a year ahead of me and was friends with Meg, but we played volleyball together too. She has some hilarious memories of me and Meg, as we do of her. It's fun to go down memory lane - and to see how much even now we have in common. She's a real cool girl!

Well, I'm off, Mikie is talking to me about monster trucks and I'm not sure what Mol is up to upstairs. I'm assuming she is playing with Jack, but you know what happens when you assume!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Shell Shock

Hello! I'm typing one handed cause Mol wanted her Momma :) Mikie is home today from school, woke up feeling like crap with a fever. He's had a runny nose the past few days so it figures more was to come. I had a blast at Shawna's garage sale yesterday - so relaxing. It was on the chilly side though and I thought it was going to be hot. So I was freezing with my tank tops covered in a short sleeve hooded sweatshirt and a "shell" of a spring jacket. Once I threw on a jacket of Shawna's, I was golden. Today is the day that's gonna be hot - so we'll for sure have to get out.

Have a good one - I'll try to post some pix today - I caught Mol in the act this morning, she's so funny!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mornin'! How we doin' today? Doing well here - got my hair in pigtails and am feeling young and energized this morning :) Mol is sitting at the table here with me eating a little snack. I put an Elmo video on for her but she isn't interested at all. She'll watch for 2 minutes max, but then loses interest. The boys would watch them non-stop! She's just a busy bod!

It looks like the weather today is gonna be awesome, so it'll be good to get out this afternoon. I hope you have a good one!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Under Wraps

Hola! Ohh, I guess I'm still bug eyed from the Spanish downloads I got with a digital kit I "won" for completing a scavenger hunt. Pretty cool they give you Spanish and French words as well as English, but I'm not so sure I'll use them :)

We had a good day today - since today was a "no computer" day for me (per the kiddos request), I respected that and just hopped on for the first time while watching American Idol. I struggled today though, I'll be honest - with some major PMS creepin' in. But the Lord provided and I kept a lid on it best I could. It helped that we ran an errand this morning and then Mikie had a follow-up appointment with the ENT for his tonsils. That kept us busy and helped my anxiety/crabbiness/wanting to hide mode under wraps :) Don't ya hate it though? It's so predictable too - freakin' hormones! I found myself moving furniture around right before lunch just to keep myself occupied!

I told Mikie as we left his ENT appointment that I was "struggling" a little today, and he said he was too. He's so precious. He and I went thru McD's and got a chocolate shake after his appointment. Jack and Mol got to hang at Nanny and Papa's for a bit (thanks again guys for offering, it was nice to have some alone time with Picky). All is well, he has healed well and will go back in 6 months to check his tubes.

I suppose that's about all I've got. I hope you've had a good day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Short Video to Share

Mikie loves Beana
Mikie wanted me to draw this bus on the driveway, then he "climbed aboard" and had me take his picture as the bus drove away :)

Few Recent Pix

the stone "house" we built for Sarge
it was supposed to be our mud bucket

Mousie and I are now home from running some errands this morning. It's kinda rainy and gloomy out there. We'll be headed to get Mikie pretty soon from preschool, great day for a nap! Here are some pix from the past few days.
A huge CAT tractor just passed our house, Mikie woulda gone nuts!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm sitting upstairs watching tv in la la land watching a movie on TBS and hopped on my computer to check email and such. I checked Facebook too and saw where Beth had written about her co-worker who's son died today.

Patti (aka Granny) has told me about him before and I think I've mentioned him on here. I went from engrossed in a lame movie to bawling my eyes out. Precious Braeden, who I've never met was 3 years old. He had the same kind of cancer my cousin Laura had. She died at the age of 6. As a parent, I can't even fathom it. I could just weep for them. Gracious Lord, please give them strength and peace during this incredibly difficult time.

Pretty Darn Cute

Mousie makes it easy to make pages :) We learned a new way last night at our Calendar Girls meeting how to give paper a "torn" look. Doesn't it look like I tore that purple paper?? These pages will look cute side by side in her book.


Good day! The big kid just left with the 2 smaller kids to get a new video game. Yep, Erk is as excited as they are to get some new racing game. They are so funny.

Mol and I are hanging out - she's already dumper her snack, turned on the Playstation, gotten the toothpaste out and climbed up on the table in the last 3 minutes. She's CRAZY I tell ya!

I had a great time scrapbooking last night (from 6p - 12midnight). Fun as always. Got some cute stuff done. I'll try to post a page or two.

Hope this finds you doing well! Hope you can take it easy today and enjoy some sunshine :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cute Video

Some Cute Pix from Yesterday

What can I say? I love black and whites!

Mikie and Mol playing while we waited for Jack to get off the busWhat a nut job this dog is!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Erk's Office

I thought I'd share this page - since I posted it on our bizz blog and have mentioned it to a few people, I wanted to show you. Cute - simple. Erk wanted a 12x12 scrapbook page for his office (I went in search of a frame today but need to get one custom made, ARGH) and this turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself :) Can't hurt that the kids are pretty freakin' cute -

Did the Trick

Holy cow is Molly CRABBY today! I just laid her down, thinking maybe she's super tired. I never lay her down in the morning - naptime is always 12:30 - 1ish, but not today. We are having lunch with Phyllis today and I can't imagine what she'd be like at a restaurant with this mood. So we'll see if she gives in, she's whining/crying in her crib right now, the little nut job.

I had the fortune of cleaning 7 different puke spots when I got up this morning. Yep, Bean dog... She was really acting weird yesterday and super sleepy, and this morning she seems perkier - and I'm sure getting rid of all "that" is what did the trick. Nice to have stains upstairs after we just got those carpets cleaned a few weeks ago!!

Papa offered to take the boys to school this morning and they were thrilled. Off they went, I had just gotten out of the shower and Mol and I stood on the front porch waving until they were outta sight. Then we came back in the house and I realized that's probably what it will feel like next year when Jack and Mikie can ride the bus together, they will ride in the morning too (Jack just does the afternoons now). That'll be nice! Although I don't mind watching Jack as he hustles into the front covered doorway of this school with all the other little kids :)

I suppose that's about all I have to say for now! Mol quit crying up there, here's to hoping for a little breather. Bean is following me around and staring at me as if she can't believe all the crabbiness either!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura

A Happy Birthday to Laura, she would have been 27 today, is that right Auntie Jane? Wow, amazing... I still think about her so much - her heart for the Lord, her bright smile, how she liked to hold my hand when she'd sleep with me, her ornery streak :) I'll never forget when she wapped me in the face with that book and gave me a bloody nose. Rare... Seems like yesterday - I miss you Laura!

Tuesday blahhhh

Part of me was wanting to go for a walk today to get out and get some exercise in, but it's so blahh and rainy. Mol is messing with the remote controls and the boys just turned on the tv upstairs to Curious George.

A bit of a short night sleep last night - between Erk's snoring and Mikie peeing his bed, I'm a little tired, but since I took a nap yesterday with Mikie (again, one of my MOST favorite things - in the whole king sized bed he is laying so close to me we both use my pillow :) I suppose today I can't really justify one!

Bean dog is acting weird this morning, we woke up to her whining really early this morning so I let her out thinking I'd go back to bed. I never did - but why not start the day fresh before 6:30a!? Riiiiiiight.

I suppose that's all for now. I hope you have a good one this Tuesday, rainy and all. I'm gonna go see what other trouble Molly has gotten herself into!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

The boys in ultimate patience mode, waiting for word they could go look for the eggs :)
Umm, can you say TEMPTATION?

Good day! I hope you guys had a nice Easter? We sure did! Both Mom and Dad came over, as well as Erk's folks. It was wonderful :) I put Mol down for a nap right before they all got here cause she was pooped and we were eating a late lunch. After lunch, we had the famous Easter egg hunt (thanks again Granny). Grampa and Papa had the pleasure of hiding the eggs this year outside and it was a hoot trying to find them. So... Mol missed out on the hunt, but maybe next year :) Here are some pix from our day -

there was some serious competition going on -

nice loot, Jack!
keep lookin' boys

great hiding spots

on the run...

oops! Jack tripped and his basket and eggs went flying

Granny and Mikie, Grampa, Nanny and Jack on the hunt

Granny and Nanny chatting while the boys played horseshoes...
Papa and Erk catching up too :)

Jack showing us his "mad skills" with horseshoes - Erk taught the boys how to play the other night :)

Nice one, Mikie!
once Molly was up from her nap, we made it a little fun for her :)
Granny and Nanny sharing a moment with Miss Mol

hey rosy cheeks!
from being behind the camera all day, I moved to the front :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Confessions from the Lunch Table

I have a similar picture of Jack doing this to Mikie!
Crazy kids :)

A God Thing

Isn’t it funny how coincidences happen? I’m not one who really likes to call things coincidence though, I believe they are more of a God thing than anything. I had a few this last week that made me smile… look off into the distance like “no way!”

We went to the library on Monday and got some new books. I happened to grab one that was a story about a special needs child. I thought it would be good to just read it without really talking about it first so the boys could see from the special needs child’s perspective. We read it Monday afternoon and then talked about it a little. Well, come Tuesday, when we met with our friends, I went and picked up pizzas for lunch. Brianna (Deb’s daughter) asked to come along. So Molly, Brianna and I headed to Little Caesars for a few $5 pizzas. While waiting in line, in comes a special needs boy with his mom. Brianna was kind of staring at him (she just turned 4) and then turned to me and asked “why is he talking like that?” I gave her the face I give my boys when they notice things like that – the “shhhh, but I’m not mad, I’ll tell ya later” face. I’m not exactly sure she recognized that face, but she did stop asking. Once we were back in the truck with our pizzas, I tried to help explain what special needs people are. “…They are different, not wrong or strange, just different, because that’s the way God made them.” We proceeded to talk about lots of different things (she is so CUTE) and then went on with eating lunch and the kids playing.

On Tuesday night, Erk stopped and picked up supper for us on the way home, but it would be a surprise. He didn’t tell us where he was gonna stop or what he would get each of us. When he finally got home, he had gotten me chicken fettuccine alfredo (Mmmm) and something each of the boys and Mol would like. I haven’t had that for dinner in so long. The very next morning, while out running errands, we passed a semi on the highway with some sort of store logo and a huge blown up picture of a chicken breast with fettuccini!

Over the course of the week, Shawna and I were looking at some digital scrapbook pages that had the word "fall" on them, pondering if FALL needs to be capitalized or not. I think what confuses me about this word is that it can mean a few things. Just like spring, I often wonder if when talking about the season, if I need to capitalize it. I never wonder about summer or winter, so I guess I should just know :) Anywho, on Thursday night while reading my devotions before bed, in my book she was talking about fall. She didn’t capitalize it! It was just funny that I haven’t seen the word in print in a while to remind me, then bam, I saw it soon after we had talked about it.

All of these things to say, it’s amazing how God can bring a smile, get you thinking, connect things like no one or nothing else can. He has the power to do all things. It’s so amazing, be it a special needs child he created for a purpose, a meal he provided on a night when I just didn’t have the energy to prepare a meal or how to properly use the word for a season He created!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tired Baby

I hear Mikie yelling, Jack egging him on, and Molly wondering what the heck is going on! They are all in the family room playing with Cars and ohh, now Bean came in here by me cause she doesn't care for the chaos.

We don't have much on the ol' plate today as it turns out - yesterday we went to a movie and let's just say 19 months is NOT the right age for a child to see one :) Mol was up and down, all around - Mikie had to pee 3 times and Jack had to sit far away so we kept having to hand the popcorn over our friends to reach him. Then he'd hand it back and want the drink. Hand that over. Sheesh :) Needless to say, I didn't really watch any of the movie, but for what I did see, it looked cute.

From missing her nap, Mol was POOPED when we got home. And it came thru in the form of crying for no reason. So come 5:48pm? She was in bed. For the night. She slept until 7a this morning. That was one tired baby!

I need to call the doc's office to schedule the boys' well child checks for July. They called yesterday and left a message as a reminder to do that. That reminded me too that I need a current immunization list for Mikie for kindergarten round up next week. Wow, Mikie going to big boy school?? It's comin' - and quick :(

Well, Molly is pulling on my leg, I'd better sign off. Hope you have a Good Friday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I owe me $12

I think I owe myself $12. I just trimmed my own bangs! I'd pay to have my hair cut, only needing a quick bang trim, and so I decided to take on the task on my own. It's been YEARS since I've trimmed my own bangs! I figured, heck, if I screw it up, that's what bobby pins are for. We'll see how they work tomorrow morning after I get out of the shower :)

We went to Target and some other places this morning. The boys each had $10 from the piggy banks that they could spend. After looking around for a bit, they agreed on getting a video game for the video system dealio Erk bought a few weeks back. So we've had fun this afternoon taking on "Monsters vs. Aliens" on our PS3. I must say, Jack and I make a pretty good team defeating the aliens :)

While loading in the parking lot on the way home, Rocky's "mom" called and wondered if he could come hang out for a while today while she went to work. She just can't trust her 2 male dogs to be alone for that long. We were happy to take him! He's still here and this dog brings us so much joy! I laid down with Mikie during quiet/naptime and Rock was right there in the mix laying on my legs. He's so cuddly and cute.

Then we played outside for a bit. A little baseball with some "balls" Bean would constantly chase. They weren't real balls, but soft squishy blocks Molly originally got for Christmas that Bean immediately claimed. Now they are multi-use blocks! We had fun and the dogs had a good time chasing down their homeruns (actually they didn't go more than 6 feet) :)

Erk will be home shortly and we're gonna keep it simple tonight - sloppy joes baby. Then I'll meet with Shawna for our weekly meeting at Starbucks. I'm looking forward to a good hot chocolate - mmmmm...

Have a good one!

Monday, April 6, 2009


the boys version of helping empty the dishwasher :)

I was hearing Molly talk nicely to herself in her crib, but now she is ticked. She's saying "no... BYE!" in an angry, whiny voice. Ohh, here come the "Mommy Mommy!"'s. What a nut. She did something SUPER major today...

She was walking towards the bathroom downstairs with a sly grin like usual (she "likes to brush her "teef") and is always getting toothpaste, etc out. Well, she went and tried to open the toilet lid. I told her not to cause it's "acky" and she walked out of the bathroom for a minute - only to sort of act like she wanted to show me something. So I played along. She starts saying "Pa BEE" over and over. I said, "potty?" and she says, "YEAH!" shaking her head yes. So I unsnap her snappy crotched onesie and take her diaper off and plop her on the toilet. She giggled at first, then got in a deep concentration and I kid you not, she PEED! I could not believe my eyes! I was speechless!! 19 months old!

I'm not sure if it was a freak thing (probably) but she's asked to go "Pa BEE" twice more tonight so I've plopped her little buns on that big round seat. She's giggled and concentrated, but nothing else came out. But what a big step for the little lady! Congrats Pa BEE baby!