Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tonsilectomy Dude

Here we were... Mikie - he's so funny. He handled it all so well yesterday with the anticipation of it all. He confessed he was "scared" but didn't show it once we were at the hospital.

with the chapstick they gave him to put inside the mask, he got a little crazy!
in the playroom killing some time... RARE!
Ready, Mikie?

in the recovery room

heading back to his room
Daddy with Mikie
poor Mikie
Ready for a ride to the truck? Mol givin' her bro some lovin'

Who the beak is pushing this wheelchair?? :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

He's a Trooper!

We are home and Mikie is truly a trooper. He is laying in bed here watching tv with me while I'm on my laptop. We got to the hospital a little early this morning which was good, got up in our room and had to sit and wait. And wait. And a little more... We watched tv for a bit and went to the "playroom" they have set up so that kept Mikie distracted. We finally got called back and then things went quick. They gave him the oral meds that made him loopy and we walked back to the surgery room. I got to hold him on my lap while they put the mask on and his head got really heavy on my shoulder. He was conked and I left the room. I'm glad they let me come "back" with him.

After waiting in the surgery waiting room for a bit, the doc came and said all went well. Mikie's tonsils and adnoids were HUGE and the tubes in his ears will certainly help in the long run. They then called me back to the recovery area and I got to be there when he woke up. I told him I'd be there the whole time so it felt good that I was from eyes shut to back open again :)

We went back to his original room for some rest and juice. Erk and Molly got there and poor Mikie puked, but that helped him feel better. Once he was dressed, he was wheeled (Mol opted to ride along :) to the truck and we headed for home. Erk had to scoot to work for a few meetings this afternoon. It worked well to have Mol come up later to see Mikie, she's a busy bugger!

And now here we sit - Mol is down for a nap and it's about time to get Jack off the bus. I'll try to post some pix later! Thank you for all of your prayers today!


Boy, this day seemed to come quick! Mikie and I will be heading downtown to the hospital shortly for him to have his tonsils out. That and adnoids and tubes in the ears. He's all excited about it! Crazy kid. He was literally jumping up and down yesterday in anticipation. I hope all goes as well as his little precious, innocent mind thinks it will. Please pray for Mikie today! I'll let you all know how he does. Erk will take Jack to school and then meet up with Mikie and I (he'll bring Mol too of course :). Mikie...

Also, looks like maybe Tiphanie will have her baby today - we hope and pray all goes well Tiph!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Folded Look"

do you think this page looks like it's a piece of paper folded over? that was what i was going for :)

Good evening! I am home and ready to head to bed. My eyeballs are wondering why the beak I'm back on my laptop! But I thought I'd say hello and also I wanted to quick show Erk some pages I got done the past few days. It was an awesome time, great to get away for one night and stay in a nice hotel room that we didn't have to clean and also be fed food we didn't have to prepare! Ahhh, the life :) Here is a cute page from yesterday - I'll hopefully post more tomorrow - but for now, it's bed-d-bye...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bathroom All Alone

The boys are playing school in the family room. This takes me back to playing with Kate and Mol in their "front room" a few years back :) They pulled their art easel (how the beak do you spell that word!?) out of the garage and have been lovin' it. Ya know, seems we put stuff in the garage to donate it or eventually just give it away and they come across it a few YEARS later and it's like new. Not all bad :)

Headed to a scrapbook retreat today! It's overnight one night and so Shawna and I will return to our respective casas tomorrow evening. It'll be fun to stay in a hotel tonight! I'll take off to pick up Shawna once Erk gets home from work.

Molly had a follow-up at the doc this morning to check her ears. Good deal, there is no more fluid in either after having 2 appointments where there was. Then her and I ran to drop off some stuff at Erk's work, then picked up some fruit for the scrap retreat (I always eat TOO MUCH crap at these things, so gobbling on bananas and grapes won't be all bad) and then got Jack - then Mikie. Got Jack early today so it worked out nicely. Jack then stayed in the truck with Molly and I ran into Mikie's school to get him. That was nice too! I actually had a minute to go to the bathroom all alone for once. This morning we did a potty run before heading to Mikie's classroom and I had Mol unlocking and locking the door next to mine and trying to bend over to climb under the stalls! So I don't take peeing alone for granted :)

I hope you have a good weekend! I'll see if I can post some cute pages that get done this weekend. Hope you don't mind the pages instead of just pix on here! Adios!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


hey cupcake WallE
they're evvvvvvvvverywhere!

"naked" WallE

I think he turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself :) Took a long time (the boys were getting sick of waiting for me to finish it) but I hope it's a success at the cake walk on Saturday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This ball was the BIGGEST hit. It cost $1.49 and lasted a mere 6 hours before Bean popped it, but while it was here, it was the greatest invention ever...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Define Quiet Time

Ahh Quiet Time.

Yep, should be quiet, RIGHT? As I change Mol's diaper and lay her pretty little head down, she quickly complies and she's out like a light before I am even down the hallway with the 2 crazy boys. As I'm closing their bedroom door, I ask the same question I ask every quiet time, "what are the rules of QT?"

"Be quiet," they say at the same time.
"Annnnnnnnd?" I ask.
"And no coming downstairs til you say so."
"Good, thanks boys, see ya in a bit."

I walk on down the hallway and avoid the squeaky step on my way downstairs. Hop on my computer (first time today since during the day on Tuesday's, it's "no computer day for mom" as a way to keep my focus on them and not everything else pressing in online) and Jack comes down to present me with a gift. It was so sweet, melted my heart. He was whispering to me all the things he wants to do for each person in our family. How can you get mad at that during QT? So I tell him how sweet it was and send him back up.

Few minutes later someone is in the bathroom (which for those of you who have been here, the bathroom door is just outside Molly's). Then out of the bathroom loudly. Then 2 whispering boys at the top of the steps.

"Mooooooooooooom? they whisper loudly.
I get up from the table here and walk to the bottom of the steps.
They are wanting to tell me something that has nothing to do with anything. Then claim
"we've been up here all day."
Umm, try 1/2 hour.

So I tell them, "boys, unless your hair is on fire, I don't want you coming down here or whispering to me from the top of the stairs. It's quiet time!"
They both look at me kinda puzzled. I quickly follow up by saying
"that's just an expression, never play with matches or light your hair on fire, I just mean if it's an emergency and your arm is cut and bleeding, then come get me. But if you wanna know how many crayons are in the arts and crafts bucket, that can wait."

They both look at me a tad irritated, and Mikie chimes in, "but what if I get a cut on the top of my hand and it starts bleeding?"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Molly "Calling Papa"

I tried emailing this out earlier and apparently have no idea what I'm doing! But I did figure this out! Enjoy :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Creative Snacking

Erk took the boys to the hardware store and to run some other errands this morning (real manly stuff, you know :) and Mol is hangin' at home with me. Well, I go to take a shower and in the few minutes of what for most people is peace - was Molly getting everything she could think of out of the drawers, putting my comb on the toilet seat, trying repeatedly to flush the toilet, and then unrolling the tp. Ahhh, relaxing, eh?

So when I just wanted a minute to hop on here again and change the load from the washer to the dryer, I got creative. What do you give to the child who is into everything to keep her occupied for 1.2 minutes? Put her snack in a muffin pan (notice she then thinks she'll need every other pot or pan to help with her snacktime)...

Bean is NUTS

I know many pets are quirky. But this one? She absolutely cracks us up. I’m sure I’ve told you she refuses to eat any veggies or fruits, right? If we have food off a dinner plate that we scrape into her bowl – if it has say green beans, she will eat everything BUT the beans. Fruit? Forget it! The plate is spotless, except for that little mashed banana that was there from Molly. This morning she made us laugh pretty good.

We had scrambled eggs for breakfast, which this animal LOVES. Well, Molly didn’t quite finish hers and since no one dares to eat her leftovers, we gave them to Bean. They had ketchup on them. Bean wouldn’t touch it. She sniffed and backed away like she could hardly believe we would even try to pull that on her. “Ketchup? Umm, made of TOMATOES, hello!” she was thinking. Hilarious! Refused to eat them.

Soon after, she is terrorizing the boys while they are playing with their cars, standing right in the way, whining as if she’s talking. Opening doors, moving blinds out of the way so she can see out the window better. This animal is cracked… And that’s why we had to do this to her – it totally fits who she is – NUTS!

Friday, March 20, 2009

No Cooties

Is it wrong I am ready to turn in for the night? I totally am! I'm pooped - women... all the crappy PMS symptoms we deal with :) This morning was busy though, so it's not all in my head.

I took Jack to school, then came home to get Mikie to take him to his field trip. Erk was home this morning for a bit waiting for the cable guy to show. So I took Mikie to the gymnastics place, then Mol and I scooted to grocery shop. I tell ya, that was record time thru the store! We got home, unloaded, I put the fridge/frozen stuff away and then headed to pick Mikie up from the gym. He had a little buddy come home with him from preschool today... many weeks in the making for me to actually set it up, but we did it today! Mitchell is so funny - goofy boy. He and Mikie kinda look alike and today they happened to be wearing the SAME shirt! Cute... So Mikie and Mitchell joined Mol and I as we came home to wait for Jack to get off the bus. Jack got off the bus, I made lunch and then Jack's friend from school, Cassidy, came over. Yep, a little girl. I love that the kids don't have "cooties" yet :) She's so cute, from being in Jack's class here and there, I feel like I've had a great chance to get to know some of the kids. And Cassidy lives right around the corner from us (she rides Jack's bus). She has one brown eye and one blue!

So we had a busy afternoon, but a fun one for the boys. I couldn't just trust them all outside - I know I can when it's Jack and Mikie - but I had to be "on call" all afternoon. It was nice, Mol went right down for a nap and slept over 3 hours, even with all the chaos. The kids played outside (which only brought one incident of crying and a little blood - poor Cassidy got knocked down) and then they came in for some artsy fartsy stuff. Yesterday the kids and I went to Michael's and got some crafty stuff, little wooden kits that the kids could glue and paint. So they each did theirs (although Mitchell didn't really have any interest when the other 3 did) and overall, it was a fun afternoon. We'll definitely have to set something like that up again. Both of their moms came to pick them up and it was nice to chat with them and get to know them better. Cassidy is one of EIGHT kids! And Mitchell is a trailer...

Anywho - after they all left, I let out a deep breath and honestly, went in the bathroom to pop a zit on my forehead :)! Right then someone knocks at our door. WHO THE HECK!? It was a guy with a flyer. Great... So I answer (he saw me so I couldn't avoid it) and what do you know, it was actually our neighbor across the way that we have never met. VERY nice dude, he does lawn service and wanted to let us know (he noticed last year on occasion we had someone mow for us). So that 2 minute conversation turned into him waving his wife onto the porch (she was sitting in their truck reading something) and them coming in the house for a few minutes. Really nice people. They are expecting their first baby in May. She also asked about the window sticker on our truck and I told her a little about our bizz. She asked for a bizz card and said she's been wanting to get into digital scrapbooking. So that was fun too. Always good to know who lives around ya! Man, we've been meeting all sorts of people around! Vinny, also on Jack's bus who is so cute, Jack told me today he has "10 brothers." Well, it isn't 10, but he is one of 9 and I know this cause our next door neighbor told us about the family with 9 boys last summer. The world is getting smaller I tell ya. Maybe not. Maybe it's just cause our kids go to school and ride a bus that makes sense that kids who live on our street also ride. But heck, it sure seems to be shrinking to me...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Miss Molly... scrapbooked...

Cute Lil' Fart

Isn't she a cute lil' fart. Little rascal!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm like a zombie right now. Not sure what the heck I'm doing :) I just got up from a short nap with Mikie. He was so tired this morning, I asked him if he'd like me to lay down with him today. Sometimes his mind changes by the time he is home from school, which is understandable, and he doesn't want to. Today after lunch when given the choice? He'd rather lay down than play! So he's still conked out in our bed and Miss Mol is sawing logs. Jack is at school all day, so the house is quiet. I didn't intend to actually sleep today, but more of a "fake it" til he fell asleep and then I'd get up and get some odds and ends done. I shoulda known better! This "faking it" dates WAY back for me... to when Kate and Mol were little and Auntie Jane would have me lay with them to get them to take a nap. I'd lay there with one eye open and one shut, still as could be, hoping they would conk so I could get up. Umm, do you know how many times I fell asleep and THEY never did!?! HA! And that was me today :)

Anywho, I am geeked to talk to Shawna tonight at our weekly meeting over coffee (for me it's more of a hot chocolate meeting) about some stuff I was told today by another mom at Mikie's preschool! I can't wait to try to grow our bizz even more. Fun stuff!!

Well, I'm off to see what else I can get done with sleepin' kids. GH is coming on, perhaps I can catch a few minutes of my, as Jack calls it "dark show" :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making HUGE Cookies

On Saturday afternoon, we attempted to make a few HUGE choc chip cookies... I had some good help :)

how's it taste, Mikie?

our two big winners!


Yesterday when Jack got off the bus, he and Mikie took Mol on her first ever ride on the Gator :)

talk about PATIENT dog!

this was SO cute, Mol kept saying "baby" and waving to herself in the pot reflection
Mol also had a first... first shower with her bros this morning! as you can see, she had a riot!

Umm, what you doin', Mousie? Just coloring, eh? Riiiiiiight...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just waiting for Jack to get off the bus... Mol is starting to stir upstairs and Mikie just woke up and is watching Curious George. How are you this afternoon?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds

Hello! I am sitting up on the bed (cause I told the boys I would) and I came across Revenge of the Nerds on. I LOVE this movie! I haven't seen it in YEARS! Hilarious. I'm amazed at how many "lines" I have memorized from it!

The kids all went to bed nice and easy tonight - last night it took a while longer... I've been scrapbooking our vacation pictures and sitting back. Ahhh... I hope tonight I can fall asleep before 1am! I can't always fall asleep quick when Erk is gone! He'll be home in the morning before church so we can all go. That'll be good.

Hope you've had a good one! Catch ya lata!

These Boys...

I wanted to share this page with ya quick a minute... the boys both fell asleep by me yesterday and I didn't even know it! I woke up from a nap, knowing Mikie was there, but assumed Jack was playing quietly in his room. I got up and turned around to see he was zonked too! Cute! This RARELY happens anymore, so I had to snap a picture and make it into a page. Cute little farts...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wanna Pretzel?

How in the world do I end up in the tub, fully clothed, with french onion dip and stick pretzels?
Well, see, Mom gave me a snack. She figured it might make a little mess, but umm, I had bigger plans! It started out innocent enough, but then just went downhill from there...

Good evening! It's been a few days since I said hello. Things have been kinda busy, but also I'm more conscious of when I'm on my computer :) I had to hang it up yesterday cause I was just on it too much and the kids were like "what the beak!"

I just got done reconciling Quick books for February (we've made a new goal, to have the previous month reconciled by the 15th of the next month - sound familiar, Phyllis!?) so we'll see. It's done now and all lined up.

Here are some pix from Jack's little concert last night at his school. It was really cute! Just about 1/2 hour of DK and Kindergarten kids putting on a show titled "Stone Soup." Jack didn't have a "part" in it, just sang along from the stands. He got bonked in the face by the little guy next to him when they were doing a hand motion part! Then after all was over, he wanted to watch the video I had taken with our video camera :)

Giddy Up!

Filing out of the gym after the show

Watching himself :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Running Thru My Mind

I should totally be heading to bed, but I can't sleep quite yet. I laid down with Mikie today and as hard as I tried to take a nap, these thoughts kept running thru my mind. About that woman and baby who were killed in Alabama. Senseless. Unbelievable. I think of that deputy who had no idea when he saw that dead guy, that that very man had just taken the life of his wife and baby girl. She was the same age as ME, her baby was Molly's age. Their son, Mikie's age. So it's as if I put myself there... talking to the neighbor across the street, some dude pulls up and opens fire? Kills me and my Molly? Mikie runs to hide cause he's scared? My new baby was shot in the leg? I just can't seem to stop my mind from thinking about those poor, poor people. And all of the family and friends this effects. That little Mikie. Ohh Lord, please give them some peace in their hearts and a way to come unto You in this. Wow. I just can't stop my mind from thinking about it...

More Vaca Pix

A pic from Erk's and my date on Saturday night :)
We went out for Japanese and then got some ice cream.
All the boys piled on the golf cart at the pool.

Hey, Jack!
Me and Mousie