Monday, August 30, 2010

Date Night

Mikie and I had a date last night - just me and him. It was wonderful :) He cracked me up - we had dinner at Logan's (he shared my salad with me but didn't venture over to my side of the bowl cause he didn't want to touch anything I had touched with my fork). He got the sampler with wings, mozzarella sticks and potato skins - RARE!

We went to the quilt shop (pictured below) but it was closed. See Phyllis' barn quilts in the window? Then we went out for ice cream and on over to his school to play on the playground.

He kept thinking of things to do to make the night last longer. It was priceless. He's sucha special boy - I loved doing this with Jack too a few weeks ago. I love that they'll still hold my hand in public and we talk about anything and everything... If only these days would last...

(at school)

(Mmmm, hot fudge sundae)

(darn it, it's closed!)

Flag Football

Go Mikie!
Run Jack Run!

Mikie blocking (or as he calls it, "quarterback mode")
Mikie is first here, Jack is to his right
Now that the stitches finally came out (2 days later than when we were originally told) Jack got in on the action at Flag Football. Although he hasn't practiced, he picked up on it pretty quick. It was fun to watch. I'm not sure what world Mikie is in half the time, but he cracks us all up!

More Fun

Nice goggles Mouse!
Jack and Rachey

Kristen asked if we wanted to come swimming yesterday at their "club" cause the guys (Dad, Erk, Andy and Ry) were all golfing - it was great. The kids had more freakin' fun in that pool! Rachel is QUITE the diver and swimmer. I was honestly so impressed! Just ask Erk, I kept talking about it yesterday...

Here is Mol Saturday night... I thought the makeup kit she had was "fake" til I opened it in the car. So I let her have at it the whole way home, knowing the trash can and a shower would be close!

This picture CRACKS me up. You'd better watch out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today it happened...

Papa offered "Mike, you want me to pull that tooth out for ya? I will, I have a clean hankie with me, I'll just grab it and pull it out."

Quick as lightening and Papa asks Mike, "do you feel it?"

Nope! Cause there it was, in the hankie! Mikie lost his FIRST TOOTH today :)
Congrats little man!
and now we have two boys with the same tooth missin ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Celebrating Molly

Kristen, Rach, Nanny, Mousie and Papa at the restaurant the other night - figured while we were all together we'd have cake :)

Mol liked her Barbie cake (funny, huh BIG MOL :)

Hey all! Jack is sitting here next to me on the couch and we are thrilled (well I am) that we finally have internet at HOME! It's only been 2 months and 3 visits by our carrier to get here! Ohh and a $40 phone call to the wireless router people for them to say it's not their problem. So, YIPEE!

Jack is anxious to look at some pictures on here - but I thought I would post some first. Yesterday was Molly's 3rd birthday :) Ain't she cute!?


Mol had plenty of chips and wore my flip flops
No worries, not a real gun... Papa got it for Jack after the first attempt at getting his stitches out. They told him they weren't ready to have them out, so after 2 more days, they came out today.

Is she 3 or 13?

The other night (Molly, Papa, me and Gramma... 4 generations :)

last night (her cake that fell apart)
good thing I snapped this before the cupcakes fell off!

I loved this with Jack and Mousie (we put a 3 year candle in her peanut butter and jelly)

Mol liked her singing bday card, and I think she used it to curb the embarrassment :)
opening presents
her new Dora guitar!


Monday, August 23, 2010


Jack's room before (not the same angle, but you get the idea :)

the top of the stairs before

YEOW! Like that funky orange! the one wall upstairs that sticks out like a crazy lady!

Hello! I've wanted to get on here and say hello for days now but with our freaking internet crap at home (still not working), I haven't been able to. Right now I'm sitting at Panera Bread, getting ready to scrapbook with Shawna. We set this "date" while we were camping a few weeks back and it turned out she had to leave for a bit for her son's first football practice. She'll be back :)

Anywho - whewee, I've been one busy chickita. I painted all 3 kids bedrooms in 2 days! I love it! Mol's is green and pink, Jack's is orange and blue and Mikie's is blue and white (in other words, I didn't paint 2 of his walls, left them as they were). I'll try to post some pix.

Yesterday we had a riot at my folks for a "boat day." Andy, Kristen, Ry and Rach, Uncle Bob and Aunt Julie... it was so fun. The kids all tubed and mixed and matched tubing partners. I took way too many pix of that too :)
Here are some before and afters of Mol's room - didn't appear in the right order but you get the idea :)

Thanks to Auntie Meg, we have a gorgeous bedroom set we'll be putting in here soon! We just need to get a queen mattress. Her room is gonna be amazing once it's all done!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kids or Me?

Are my kids nuts or is it me? The morning started off fine, but as the boys got settled into their respective seats to watch cartoons while I'm doing dishes and cleaning up, I got in front of the tv screen and asked them to take showers. Did they? Nope.

"Mikie, get in the shower, please."

He does. He comes out in a towel and limps into where I am and wonders if I'm wondering why he is limping. I'll bite...

"Mom, do you wanna know why I'm limping?"
"Sure Mike..."
"Well, that sliver I had last night, it kinda hurt and I'm limping."
"Ok Mike, how about you dry off and go get dressed."

Off he goes to what I figure is his room. Nope. I check the family room and there he is soaking dripping wet on the couch watching cartoons.


He sits up and looks all scared.


So I go back to what I'm doing and go in the family room again. There is Mikie, BUCK NAKED watching tv. He apparently got rid of the towel in the laundry room and forgot what to do next. SERENITY NOW!


Ohh, and I forgot to mention - on Monday we went to Nanny and Papa's to visit - Mer Mer was there too which was great - and Jack stepped on something in the lake. I was walking down the steps to the patio and he said, "ouch, I stepped on something." I didn't think much and sat down and he held his foot up while holding onto the raft, "look Mom, I'm bleeding."

So I got up and walked down to get a closer look. Umm, yeah. That was quite the cut.

Needless to say Mike and Mol stayed with Papa while I took Jack to the med-center. Three stitches later and he's limping around (see where Mikie got inspired?) and flag football is out for him. It started last night. Perhaps I'll sign him up for that "archery" class I read about in the school paper. He likes that sorta thing :)

Ohh and after Jack got his stitches, we ran to Walgreens so he could pick out a toy. He remembers my story of when I got stitches in my finger, how Papa took me to get a Barbie cause I was good :) Jack got a stuffed animal dog named Cargo.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy to be Home

I think it's safe to say... Bean is happy we are home. And so are we :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally, some pictures!

at our first campsite (The Hilton), all 5 kids in the pool :)
Mom and Dad, do you remember all those years ago when you guys and Erk and I camped at SBD? This was our campsite! Remember that?

Mikie (with chocolate on his face) getting his Junior Ranger badge :)

cute buncha kids or what!?

don't smile Jack

so he doesn't wanna smile for me... he's getting older, he's too cool
ok, someone said something funny

ahh, there he is, my smilin' laughin' boy :)