Thursday, September 30, 2010

See you in the Spring!

Erk just headed out - heading to Don's cabin for a few days! Goodbye trailer! See you in the spring. We'll just keep it up there for his occassional trips for deer hunting and all.

Mol and I are doing chores and gonna eat some lunch soon. Looking forward to this weekend - Auntie Pat is coming Saturday and Auntie Jill Sunday! YEAH!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WheWee Wednesday

So my hubby took the day off to hang out with me. Isn't that sweet? Awww (you can puke now if you'd like, but it's nice!). We went out to lunch and now we're getting some odds and ends things done around the house.

I drove his car this morning to an appointment and wouldn't you know I get a few miles from home and the car starts beeping at me relentlessly and the computer board in the middle of the dash is blinking "STOP!" at me. Holy crap! So I pull over and hit the hazards. Try to call Erk, no answer, voicemail. Try to call him again (he's at home with Mol and Mike at this time), no answer. Try to call again, no answer. I'm starting to freak OUT. I text him, "Call me! The car brokedown!" Nothing. I try to call again, no answer. Seemed like an eternity and he called me back. He was on the phone with work. "Ohh, just keep going, it's been doing that, no worries." I about had a heart attack but apparently the car is wrong!? HA!

I snapped this the other day, this is the house Dad lived in from 7 years old til 14 or so. Very cool to see it (it's actually not that far from our house) and think of Pops as a boy, Jack's age, playing in the yard with his brother Bob. Made me smile :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


It's Monday and I'm thinking of what we can do today in addition to laundry and dishes. Perhaps another day at home... not all bad. But Mol has already asked "what are we doing today?" :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


It finally came OUT! Mikie pulled his own wobbly tooth out today at Rachel's soccer game. I was shocked when he tapped me and I saw his bloody palm with his ity bity tooth.

Mol at Ry's football game

When we left Ry's game, I got in the truck and wouldn't you know it wouldn't start. DANG IT I left my lights on. Leaving Rach's game and headed to Ry's, I turned my lights on and thought, "I'd better not forget to turn them off." Um, yeah.
We ended up leaving the truck at the middle school and headed to dinner out with Andy, Kristen and the crew. After supper we went back and you wouldn't believe it, the truck started right up! So I joked with Dad "thanks for giving me a jump" and he jumped. Then the kids got in on jumpin and I wanted a picture, but with 4 or 5 pictures I took, I never got them in the air! HA! Thanks for the JUMP! not :)

Mol's New Room

doin the prep

Mol wanted to take a nap SO bad in her new "big girl bed"

Mikie trying to help make Mol's bed

Right after lunch the boys headed outside to play, where was Mol? I found her :)
A aerial view :)

LOVE her new room!

Happy Saturday

TWINS! ha!! :)
Nanny and Papa stopped by the other day to pick up the tables after the retreat. They came matching - even down to the white socks with sandals. Cracked me up :)
Headed to Ry and Rachey's games here in a bit, first Rachel's soccer game, then Ry's football. Happy Saturday!


kiss for my sis

silly faces

football anyone?

These 2! CRACK me up - especially in their rain boots!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today has been crazy... up down all around...

This morning was packing lunches, showers, getting things going and out the door before 8am, like any other morning except I had to leave before 8a with Mol for her doctor's appointment (appendix). Everything looks great, Praise the Lord!

From there Mol and I stopped in to see Phyllis (at my old office) that was a HIGHLIGHT. Always good times :) Saw some faces from the past - some things never change. Smells the same, I still know the secret code to get into the restroom... the guy running the mags knew me so we didn't have to go thru. Hilarious.

Then we headed to grocery shop when Mol (in the truck) told me she just peed her pants. Nice.

I check my phone and see the school called. Trying not to panic, I call back and they say "the office did not call you." Turns out it was Mikie's teacher. I forgot to send money for pictures. Oops.

Grocery shop (trying to save a buck, unsuccessfully) and out we go.

Head to the boys school to surprise them, "we are here for lunch!" Mikie was pretty happy, Jack? He had his silly-I'm-embarrassed face on (he's the one who asked me to come sometime)! But it was fun. The little kids get sucha kick outta adults and me them. So cute.

Head on home to unload the groceries only to dump my Pepsi (which I had opened at school) all over the front passenger seat in the truck. Great.

Then I back up to unload and slam into the cow bell. Great.

Then I grab some bags which break and I drop tons of groceries on the driveway. Great.

Only to come in and realize the mess from the morning is still lingering. Boxes of cereal out, dishes all over, soggy Corn Flakes in a bowl. Nice.

Let's see where the rest of the day takes us!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was wrong, Lindsey is having a BOY! :)


Hey guys! Sitting here scrapbookin. I'm not feeling overly creative so I had to quit. Shawna and I are hopin to get together once a week to scrapbook and once a week to talk business. I hope and pray business picks up for us. Argh. So many expenses monthly and the orders just aren't coming in like we would like. I hope and pray we can start to get some ladies printing!!

Mike and Molly (did you hear there is a new show called that?) are with Nanny and Papa while Jack is at school today. Come to think of it, Jack has been picked up by now by Papa and they are gonna feed the kiddos supper. Super prime time for them all :) And appreciated from a Momma perspective!

The neighbor Lindsey finds out what she's having today and I can't wait to hear. I'm guessing a girl!!?

Plan to grocery shop later and then get the kiddos. I hope you've had a good week? I'm tired, pooped. The retreat took it all outta me I think, it eventually catches up to ya, you know? More later :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 Generations Apart

Precious, precious pictures. I wasn't there to witness this adorable time spent with Gramma and Mousie, but what adorable pictures. Tender!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some Digital Scrapbook Pages

Here are some digital scrapbook pages I got done today!

Mol is scary in that one picture!
So cute of Mikie - I made the picture into a whole 12x12 page for his album

Crazy kid!
my infamous speeding ticket story...

Friday, September 17, 2010


even the kitchen is all clean :)

(this was yesterday before the table were set up)
So now we are ready to go (well I am, Shawna isn't here quite yet). It's 20 til 9a and I'm glad all that I can do is done. Now it'll be a fun day of scrapbooking with 4 or 5 ladies and keeping Bean in check. Her drugs have kicked in and she's fallen twice already trying to lay down. I shouldn't laugh when she's woozy, but like I told her, it's for her own good cause otherwise I'd probably beat the crap outta her :) You know I LOVE my dog, but for those of you who have met her, you know what I'm sayin!
I hope the ladies feel cozy here!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm geeked!

Yipee! Everything is coming together so nicely! I'm having a blast setting up for the retreat! I can't believe it's tomorrow already. Ran to the store this morning to get some stuff for beef stew (for Saturday nites meal) and grabbed some fresh flowers to put out. Nothing like pretty flowers (real ones!) I think. The little touches are coming together and I'm geeked (can you tell!?!)

The boys are at school and Mol just went with Nanny. Papa stopped by with the tables and chairs (THANKS again) and now I need to do some more cleanin. I hope you're having a great afternoon! I'll try to post some pix tomorrow of the ladies here! FUN STUFF!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goings Ons

ain't she purdy? I finally gave the pocket door her final coat of paint yesterday and it looks ohh so sharp...
That freaking tooth - Mikie won't let me pull it out. He wanted "Papa to do it..." so Papa came over and Mike still didn't want it pulled. There it dangles. Cute fart!

Check out the Mrs. She and her sunglasses that she swears she must wear if the sun is out. She's already taking better care of her eyes than I ever have! What's with the look on her face?!
Not too many pictures of Jack with him being in school all day every day! He's SO OLD! He's been adjusting pretty well. He's finding it his sole mission in life to egg Mike on, but we've been working on that. Of course Mike gets all "Hollywood" when Jack does it so that doesn't help, but bottom line? It has to lessen sometime!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I just put Mol in her bed for a nap and Mikie is in his room for some QT. I'm not sure either will stay where they are, but we'll see... I'm finding my patience is worn thin again today - not exactly sure if it's the constant, "Mom? Mom? Why? Mom?" or just me being ornery. Either way, a little QT is good for everyone.

Mikie told me today that his eyes ARE bigger than his belly button. He doesn't quite get why we keep telling him his eyes are bigger than his stomach! HA!

I guess I'd better get back on the laundry kick - been trying to do as much as I can each day leading up to Friday, knowing if I clean something obvious like the den, that it will only get messy again. Friday morning at 9a is when our digital scrapbooking "2 day laptop crop" begins here at our house. I've been anxious about it, wondered how we'll fit all the ladies, how we will fit that many cars in our driveway and even worried about Bean. But the details are working themselves out and it'll all come together! The neighbor said we can park any "overflow" cars over there, Bean now has tranquilizers and the number of ladies is less than originally expected. And hey, since all of that painting I did upstairs was accomplished knowing the retreat was coming and ladies might wanna look around the house, it feels right. On Wednesday Shawna and I will figure out how much/what food we'll need and then come Friday hopefully ladies can sit and scrapbook in peace.

I swear I add things to my list like "mop" and "dust" just so I can cross more things off! Of course I know I need to do those things! ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who needs an appendix?

Yesterday morning was an early one. I set my phone alarm to go off at 4:30am. I woke up a few times in the night (you know how that goes, knowing you have to wake up earlier than normal, you keep waking up) and then the time came to get up and get movin. I hopped in the shower and ate a quick bowl of Mol's favorite cereal, Cinnamon Life. Then I went out and started up the truck and came back in to get Mol outta bed. She woke up smiling, like usual. I had told her the day before that we had to "go to the hospital to get the ackies outta your belly" and she handled it like an understanding adult. So at 5:04am, we were on our way downtown. Here she is as we waited for someone to show us where we needed to go next...

(this one cracks me up :)

Everyone got sucha kick outta Mol's boots. She wore them so proudly :) Here we waited in the peds outpatient waiting room til they took us to pre-op downstairs.

Walkin the halls with her baby she brought along... the boots...
After they gave her the "Tylenol" that was laced with something to make her "loopy" well, she got loopy. She didn't want to sit on my lap cause she wanted to play, but she couldn't stand up on her own two feet. The anesthesiologist was awesome. She came and made conversation with Mol about her boots and I told her how Mol got the boots for her birthday a few weeks ago. A bit later the anesthesiologist came over and said "I wanna hear more about that birthday party!" and Mol went right to her and they went on down the hall. Mol didn't even look back for me, she was content to be held by this new friend she made. It's hard to watch your baby be carried off down a long hallway, ya know? Only to have the two doors close in front of you so she is no longer in view. But I knew she was in good hands.

I went and sat in the waiting room and Mom and Dad were there soon thereafter. The surgery took about an hour (as they said) and the pediatric surgeon came and said everything went well. Even gave us a picture of the appendix they had taken out! I asked if she was still wearing her boots and he chuckled and said that was a first, he'd never seen "boots" on a patient before, teddy bears and blankies, yes.

When they called me back to see Mol, she was still asleep. Precious baby girl.

At the foot of her bed