Tuesday, April 27, 2010

digital scrapbook pages

Here are some pages I made this past weekend :)


Just standing here checking email real quick, eating celery with the open jar of Jif. Hope you are having a good Tuesday!? Thanks Mom and Dad for helpin' us out with the truck drop off/pickup today. What a great day for a boat ride :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our all day digital scrapbook gig yesterday

we had a TON of food (better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right Dad :)
this was just dinner! lunch was sloppy joes, fruit, chips, veggies and dip...
Meg - Tara was there :)

A very nice time. I'm happy to report that I am totally caught up on my scrapbooking! Yeah me :) It's so fun -

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spilled Milk?

Mol came along with me and Shawna to get out toenails all pretty the other day. Proceeds go to the boys school - Mol did well just hangin' out...

our current driveway

Just doing odds and ends today. I don't think I woke up ornery, but once our house showing was cancelled and I had already done some cleaning, I was discouraged. Discouraged turned into BLAH which turned into ornery. But I'm pulling out of it. At least I'm not in my kids "stuff," I'm just feeling this way. They are being so good - we grabbed some lunch on the way home from dropping some stuff off to Erk at work and they played and played on the playarea until they could play no more. This was after all 3 of them seperately spilled their milk. Crazy weirdos!

I just sent the boys outside - Mol is taking a solid nap! She's tired - naps have been hit or miss so these types of naps are so solid.

We are going to go visit with Nanny, Papa and UB after Mol gets up. UB (Uncle Bob) is in town to help Dad put the dock in the lake. The boys have wanted to "help" so we'll go check it out.

I suppose that's about it? Shawna and I have our all day digital scrapbook crop tomorrow from 9a - 9p at her house. Looks like under 10 ladies, but it'll be a great group! The kids are looking forward to a day with Dad!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

Mol coloring in a winter hat (thanks Norah!)

yesterday after lunch -

i think Mol enjoyed her cupcake??

we laughed at this - the boys thought Molly looked like a "repo" woman in her layers of clothes. they thought she looked HUGE!

There'll be no butt kickin' today :) I'm in a good mood. Thankful for a nice turnout with the Open House yesterday (our realtor said 9 couples came thru - his best OH in months!), happy Shawna's and my latest "give-away" is off to a nice start. It's all good...

How are things for you today? I hope they are good. Mol and I are headed to the boys' school after lunch to help with "Mileage Club." We watch the kids go around the track and punch their cards until they are full. It's a great way to get the kids motivated to exercise! Mikie was so proud of his "4 whole laps" on Friday.

Molly is now coloring wearing a winter hat (RARE). I'll see what pictures I have to show ya...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Butt Kickin'

Somebody's butt is gonna get kicked today. My hubby doesn't think it's very nice when I say that and I know it's not... but somebody will get a butt kickin'! :) The boys can't get along. No matter what they do, they fight.

So it's quiet time and I seperate them. Jack upstairs in their room and Mikie down here in the family room with the bucket full (dumped already) of Legos. I start folding laundry (my fav pasttime). They decide "we can get along" and start playing together with Legos. I toss my headphones and iPod on and fold away. They wave their hands to ask me a question, "can we play the Star Wars videogame?" I look at the clock, it's 1:33pm. "At 2 you can play it..." so they go about Legos and I get back to my Black Eyed Peas. When I hear them roaring overtop of my loud music, I know it's go time. I take off my iPod and declare "no videogame!" That bummed them out and I felt pretty good at that consequence.

Then I seperate them again... Jack in the kitchen and Mikie still in the family room. Molly is trying to nap and their loudness just doesn't quite help that happen. But now? I told them both to head outside. We'll see what sorta fights, cuts, blackeyes, or screamin' I get to hear about in 3, 2, 1...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Green What?

my "helpers"

I should totally be in bed right now. Erk is gone for a few nights, the kids have been in bed since 8p and the house is quiet. But when he's gone, I stay awake WAY too late! Bean is even conked, I need to take the hint!

I had fun putting together a few orders for our bizz tonight. One to Miami, FL and the other to New Hampshire. Crazy! We counted today and we have sent digital scrapbook pages to 37 of the 50 states. Wha-whooooo! Oh and France, South Africa, England and Canada. Small world!

Got an email yesterday from our realtor that the listing agent on a house we liked a few weeks back would still "very much like have a contingent offer from us." We are gonna think about it. Since this is the second time "she (Ginger)" has said that, we need to think hard. Is it the house we really want? I really like it. Do we wanna go thru what we did a few years ago when we lost the chunk of change and house we thought we had? Not so much.

After our Open House this Sunday, we'll see... In the meantime, our dishwasher can quit leaking and the house can clean itself (I wish)!

I thought I'd share some pix of the weeding "the boys" aka I did a few days ago. My lower back has recovered and the dirt has finally left my fingernails. Who ever called it a green thumb anyway? Nothing about my hands was green when I was done!?!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I keep forgetting to show you guys some t-ball practice pix :)

Hi Mol!
what a pretty "flower" Jack picked for me
after breakfast after church on Sunday (Mikie has a peppermint in his mouth)

doesn't it look like she is biting the blue bucket?

Mousie is soooo proud, she can jump with both feet off the ground (a huge accomplishment for her :)

precious kids

What's Up?

Hey all! I'm sitting here watching Night at the Museum 2 with the boys. Yep, it is a school day - but I got a call from their school that Jack had a 100.2 temp. Poor dude :( So while I was there, they figured I may as well take Mikie home too. So it went from a peaceful afternoon (I had just laid Molly down for a nap) to 3 kids full. But it's all good. Jack is starting to perk back up. He looked like poop when we were driving home.

The boys have t-ball practice tonight and Granny and Grampa are gonna take 'em. Well, Mikie :) I think Jack will just stay home and crash on the couch. Molly will have fun with Granny going on the swings at the school.

I suppose that's about it for now! Have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get Scrappin'

Hey all! Just waiting for Erk to get home with the boys from t-ball practice. Molly and I have watched (well kinda, she can't sit still that long) "Rapunzel" (the Barbie version). Now Little People music is on and I see she got Jack's piggy bank out and is putting his money in and out. What a nut!

I had fun scrappin' with some ladies from church last night. I haven't ever scrapped with them - we had a lot of laughs! I felt a little like a foreigner being the only one scrapbooking on my laptop, but what a fun opportunity to show them what digital scrapbooking is all about.

Here are some pages I had fun with last night -

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Jack "accidentally" stuck his elbow in his bowl of cereal this morning, causing it to go all over. Mikie was (at the same time) lifting his shirt checking out what he thinks are muscles (his ribs) and Molly has some major bedhead. Welcome to today! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thanks but no cigar -

Last Friday we had a showing. The kids and I (and Bean the crazy dog) all headed out. We drove around, stopped at some friends, sat in McD's parking lot to eat some lunch... While we were there, our realtor called and said the people were running late. They were 2 hours late! They hadn't even been to our house yet and we'd been gone for over 2 hours. So... they came and we found some other places to go (got a hot fudge sundae). So I hear from our realtor today their feedback:

"The buyer liked the house quite a bit but has decided to pursue newer homes at this point. They were looking at farm houses with large lots and at newer homes with larger lots to start out with. At this point they are ruling out the older homes. Its a great house and they have done some very nice things. Good location too. Thanks again."

So it was worthwhile I suppose, but I just wish someone who likes it so much would buy it! Beak! We have one we have our eye on (well, perhaps I do more than Erk :) that has about 2 months left to complete. They would be open to looking into a contingent offer... We have some stuff to weigh. Man, maybe we'll sell in the next 3 weeks before the tax credit expires? Maybe not. We'll just have to wait it out and see -

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Pictures

aren't they cute :)!

We had a wonderful time at Granny and Grampa's house today for Easter. A truly blessed time together! Here are some pix for ya to see -

better find them eggs boys!

Mol loves this necklace (she won it yesterday at the Eggstravaganza with Granny)

Happy Easter

Happy Easter all! I tried uploading some pix but for some reason it's not working! I'll try tomorrow - I have a headache and neck ache so bedtime may come for me when the kids go down! Hope you all had a nice day, we sure did :)