Monday, June 29, 2009

Our week so far in pix...

Mol in the bean field behind Auntie Jane and Uncle Howards

Mikie clowin' around with a graduation balloon

Fun outside

Pooped out Mousie

Real green machine :) Uncle Howard showing the boys how to honk the horn in the tractor
Big boy, but bigger tire

Jack takin a ride with Molly, Kate and lil Molly

Dad wanting to finish off the baked beans with Uncle Howard's help

Jack's perspective...

on the combine

lovin' the farm

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cute, cute, cute

these pictures don't go in the right order, but I can't get them to switch. Either way, CUTE with Jack and Grampa or what!? Mol wanted Grampa to hold her so she got in there too. They went fishin' on Friday afternoon, just the 2 of them. Didn't catch anything, but that didn't matter :)
I'll see if I can post some pix too from today...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Thoughts Running Thru My Mind Right Now...

Our downstairs toilet is clogged.
Bean is depressed.
I am bloated.
Molly was just crying in her sleep.
I just ate 2 cookies when I know I should have said no.
I saw ants today so now I feel like there are some on me.
Our website is hopefully working as it should be now.
Our house needs a good vacuum.
I'm ready to go to sleep standing up.
Do I really have to do the 3 process face wash tonight?
Erk thinks my "french pedicure" is ugly.
I'm going to wear a dainty tank top under my dress to the wedding cause I'm too self concious about clevage.
I think I'm tan (at least my arms are).
I can only find one earring of the pair I need to pack.
Molly really started to understand what poop is today and was trying to go so she could wipe herself with a baggie of wipes.
I hope Mike and Camille like their gift.
I hope my brother comes to the wedding.
Can't wait to see all of our family there that we hardly see.
I wish I had more hair on my head.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Throw Me a Bone Here!

You know, I've been doubted before. Erk and I joke about it because sometimes he'll question something I did or took care of - and that has been passed on to Jack who will check in the fridge even though I told him we are out of Ranch dressing. Wouldn't you know, there isn't any Ranch when he looks!?

But when you are doubted by this individual? Well... it's hard. You can't reason, you can't explain. In her mind, you aren't right. You are a liar. You just don't want to be nice and give her a bone...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Summer Day

great action shot of jack
mikie, you are so freaking cute...

nothing like looking like i'm forcing them on her - she actually wanted to wear them!

mikie and ivan

It's a HOT one out there! After the boys had their camp they are doing this week (Playground Adventure Camp from 12p - 2p each day), we headed to swim. WOW, did that water feel good!


some say anticipation is 1/2 the fun. not in this case - riding the bike? even more fun than anticipating getting the bike!! it's freaking SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. it was built just for me (THANKS JAY)!

yeah, yeah baby

my first ride
holly giving it a try :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Previous People

I'm already yawning and it's only 7:40p! I'm so old :)

Had a great day today - seemed to fly by and be filled with heat and sunshine. It's been quite warm here these past few days - like instant sweat even if you don't move a muscle. But that's what summer should be, right? Shawna and I met with our webdesigners today and feel really good about the changes being made to our site. It isn't completely up and running as it should, but pretty darn close. We found out today that the previous people that we had work on our site royally screwed it up on the "back end" so there was more work to upgrading our site than originally thought. JERKS! Ohh well, at least it was fixable and we're with good folks now...

Uh oh, Mol is crying, I just turned on the tv up here and it woke her up. SHOOT! Nighty night!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Couldn't Resist

I couldn't resist sharing this cute digital scrapbook page with ya! Isn't she precious! If only she would show this smile in every photo - she's so CUTE! Ok, so maybe I'm bias :)


our last morning at the campsite... mikie, chet, molly, claire and elliot
mikie and jack hangin' in the truck

mikie's senior picture pose :)

happy 10th birthday today RYAN!

So today... we are home and very thankful for that. We had a great time camping, but you know, we were ready to be back. Nothing like walking into our house and it smelling just like the first day we moved in - that "house" smell that all houses have. Ahh, breathe it in :)

Bean was just a little excited to see us! She jumped and barked for 10 minutes. Now she keeps randomly giving all of us kisses as we walk by. We'll miss her again this weekend when we leave again!

Today is Ryan's 10th birthday. We got home from camping, got some laundry going, showered and headed to have lunch with them all. It was good to see Ry, it's been a long time. He's so freaking TALL!

So now the kids are getting reacquainted with toys here at home, we still have a fridge to empty (in the trailer) and golf is on tv. Ahhh, home. It's where it's at.
mikie helping daddy hook up the trailer
ni-nights molly :)

what do ya know, he SMILED for a picture!

Jay and Shawna gassin' up on their way outta town - cool BUS or what!?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We have had a great day - we are all exhausted and honestly, ready to be in our own beds :) But today sure was fun - Jay had our dinner tonight smokin' on the smoker since 5am, hayride and ice cream tonight... Beautiful weather, great company, what else do ya need?

Right now I could use some sleep. So that's where we're headed. Jack is getting after Molly telling her "NI-NIGHTS MOLLY" so I'd better go put that fireball back in bed!

Good night all - sleep good (outdoors and campfire smoke are better than sleeping pills)!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sequence, anyone??
the boys helping pick up the trash barrels last night

what I woke up to this morning - what a riot!

Mike and Mol having fun in the sand...

I think I may take a nap today :) Shawna and Holly (came today to visit with her kiddos) just went to the pool with the boys and their kids while I am sitting here. Mol went down for a nap NO trouble today. She's been burning the candle at both ends I tell ya!

This has continued to be sucha relaxing week. Easy going, no huge agenda... Ohh and Molly is doing just fine and dandy after her fall. Thank you to those who asked - and called (Auntie Jane) :) that was really sweet. I wish we could get a freakin' cell signal here, but you have to hop on one foot, scratch your nose and have one eye shut to be able to even hear a ring tone. Crazy! But the internet - quick as all get out...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More from the campground...

Mol searching for Papa's belly button :)
Mol is so cute :)

Dad and Erk by the campfire last night

Nanny and Mol snuggling

My folks came out yesterday and we sure had fun with them here too! Jack ran across the grassy field to greet them :) Then he went on his marry way playing with all of the kids around. We had burgers on the grill and Jay and Shawna + kids came and ate with us. It was a nice evening!

Jack and Mol on their way to the pool earlier today
the kids headed to the "candy store" at the campground with their 50 cents

Mol, Claire, Chet and Jack

the boys chillin in the pool

Pool Incident

Mol had an interesting episode earlier today by the kiddie pool... She was walking in and slipped on the pavement and wacked her head hard against the cement. I went over to her and comforted her, but she continued to cry and really carry on. So I brought her over to the shade and wouldn't you know she puked.

So then I started to get a little concerned. I had Shawna come over (she was at the "big pool" with her boys and Jack and Mike) and she agreed that maybe I should see if there was anyone at the campground who could help to see if we needed to get her checked out. So I took Mol to the office/store and talked to the owner (the Mrs) and she said her hubby would be back circling around the campground on his Gator. We sat by the pool for a few minutes and wouldn't you know Ivan slipped at the same spot. So Mr. campground ended up coming over and he said he had paged a paramedic that stays here and she was on her way back to the campground and would come take a peak. So she did (SUPER nice lady) and she said that puking can be a sign of a concussion, but there isn't much they can do about it.

But she wasn't saying Mol had one - she just told me to keep an eye on her pupils - if they get to be two different sizes or Mol pukes again, to take her in. But she's done just fine today - has been up to her normal schnanagans :) THANK goodness.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What We're Doin'

Mikie, Mol, Mol and Jack (of course he won't smile!)
Got enuf on your spoon, Mikie?

3 kids who like cold treats :)

ok, so Mommy likes them too!

Hi! How we doin? The boys are up at the pool with Shawna and her boys and here I sit while Mol takes a nap. Camping is the way to relax I tell ya :)

Thought I'd share some pix so you can see right what we're doin...

Ice cream social on Saturday nite...
a serious game of badmitten (sp?) between the "boys"

get it Erk!