Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Used ta could

The things I used to love when it came to sledding...

the big hill and the thrill of riding down it, snow flying, smiling the whole way wondering where I'd end up. Especially behind Carrie's old house - we'd sled for HOURS on end.


My legs are tired. My butt is soaked and I have cold cheeks. The snow down the back of my neck isn't as fun as it once was and I'm terrified of where I'll end up!

Yep, we sledded this morning and as much as I try to make the best of it and TRULY do enjoy it with the boys, all of the above mentioned added to Molly crying when she went sledding, when we left her at the top of the hill and when someone looked at her!? Umm, it wasn't the most sledding fun I've ever had...