Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A few more pix :) Last week may have been one of our last "shorts weather park visits" for this year!

Molly is putting her baby doll into Hunter's carseat and he's sleepin'. He'll be here until just after 12noon and then I may very well take a nap when Molly does!? I am so tired these past few days. Perhaps it was my Sunday bike ride :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


oldies but goodies :)

Ok - so my hubby says I kinda neglect this blog. I'm sorry if you think that too! :) So here are a few pix to help ya get by :)


Molly is emptying my wallet.
Jack and Mikie are building a castle out of books.
Bean is eating her food out of the food container (refuses to eat from her bowl anymore).
I'm still in my bathrobe.
Erk headed off to work.

What does your day look like so far?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

White & Orange and Proud of it!

What a funny day. You know sometimes you wake up and the day goes different than you thought? That was today. In a good way. :)

I’m so enjoying the Sunday School class (in week 2 now) at church. “An Ordinary Day with Jesus” is the name of the book we are studying. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people and learning so much along the way. The class is at 9:30, and since we typically go to the 11a service, I get up and go and Erk comes later with the kiddos. I waited around for them today in the narthex and they didn’t come and didn’t come… so I went on into church. Mom and Dad were already there, as were Em, Molly and Brandon. So nice to see you guys! Anywho, it felt good to sit in the pew and know the people on either side better than just “hello.” The one side of me was a lady in my class and the other side were really cool people that we are getting to know better through a group we went to on Saturday night, Connextions. Very, very cool.

Moving on – after church, we went out for some grub with everybody. Always fun – and the kids are entertaining. :) From there we came on home and everybody but Erk went down for a nap. I didn’t think I would sleep when I lay down, but soon enough I was conked. When I woke up, I just laid there staring at the ceiling, wondering if I really had to get up. The kids were all still asleep… but I did. Got up and headed downstairs. Erk was sitting here and the thought popped in my head – “how far is it to church from here?” “Two miles,” Erk replied. “I think I’ll ride my bike into town to get the car.” (We had forgotten to pick it up after lunch out –since I had driven separate to church). Sure enough, I went upstairs and put some shorts on, white legs hanging out. Went out in the garage and retrieved my hand-me-down blue helmet from the kids play bucket of toys. Grabbed the leather handlebars on my bike and started down the driveway. I hear a whistle from somewhere and laugh out loud, looking up at the windows but none were open. It was Erk in the backyard. :) He called Bean so she wouldn’t follow me and off I headed. In the 7 years we have lived here, I have NEVER ridden a bike on our road!
Off I go, the hill just beyond our driveway being the biggest, dupe de do, smiling all the way – the wind blowing, traffic scooting around me, taking a 2 mile bike ride all alone. I came to the stoplight and felt funny but acted like a car in the left turn lane. I debated doing the funny looking’ arm thing Dad taught me a few weeks back when our truck blinkers weren’t working, but I didn’t. There I sat, white legs, blue helmet, orange bike waiting for the light to turn green.

Off I head for the busiest road yet, just to the right of the long white line there I rode. La de dah. Loving every second of the wind and beauty around. Pull around the corner into town and hop on the now side walked streets. Weave in and around uneven squares of cement wondering what the people driving by have thought of me. Laughing at the thought of them thinking I’m NUTS.

I pull up behind the car and hop off my bike. Kickstand out. Pop the trunk. Tried a few times to finagle it but the bike just wouldn’t fit. So I open the back doors of the car, fold down the seat, try again. Nope. So I try from the open door, shoving it rear end first, taking it out, front end first. It didn’t fit. I swear it took just as long to try to fit the bike in the car as it did the bike ride. Decision time. Hmmm… I’ll leave the bike here at church and drive home. Off I drove with the sunroof open, windows down and my helmet hair flying around. Pull in to home only to swap out keys and vehicles and head back into town to get my bike. Erk telling me “you’d better hurry before someone steals it!” Nobody did though, there she sat, pretty and orange in the church’s empty parking lot. I end up chatting with dad on the phone for a few minutes so I take a seat. Usually I can multi-task, but picking up my bike and talking on the phone are not two things I can do at once!
We hang up and back to finagling the bike. Have you gathered that my cool girl bike isn’t SMALL!? Finally get it in the back of the Yukon with seats folded over, bike all dorked up and the back door hardly closing. Off to the store I head to find something for dinner. Up and down the aisles… what to make – something easy. Nothing looked easy or good. To the Chinese place next door I head. Order on a whim (still helmet hair and white legs hanging out) and wait, food is done, I leave. Get home only to find they forgot our egg rolls and fried rice. Back out the door I head, stop by, they apologize for messing up our order and back home I head. Wouldn’t you know, none of the kids like Chinese?? They’d never had it before tonight and it’s safe to say I don’t think they’ll be trying it again anytime soon. Erk and I sure enjoyed it! Mikie said the eggroll was gonna make him throw up.

Now as I sit here recalling my day – thinking back on the wind in my hair and the passersby thinking I belonged in a group home with my orange old woman bike and white legs (no, I don’t wear TIGHTS), I smile and am thankful for the gift of sight and sound and a sense of humor…

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

me, Deb and Shawna campin' a few weeks back
3 crazy kids and 1 tired dog

again, 3 crazy kids and 1 tired dog

you wonder how our driveway stays so clean? :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Page

So I wanted to toss this page on here cause Mol's dirty face is SO CUTE! I love her dirty face :) Just the way I would order up a baby girl, loves shoes and purses but likes to get down and dirty too!

We ran 7 errands this morning (with 3 kids, so is that more like 21 errands?) and now are home. Mol is nappin' and the boys are watching Sponge Bob- their favorite show. They picked out a Sponge Bob balloon for Papa for his birthday. So funny...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good To

Hey there!

We had a cookout down at the neighbors tonight and it was awesome. These are the neighbors Erk and I have never had... Ones that we enjoy hangin' with - they aren't "naked neighbors" like the ones behind us, they aren't "I'm your dad" neighbors like the ones across the street and they aren't the "boozers" who also live across the street. Good ol' fashioned not-putting-on-heirs simple good people. Erk went over there this morning and has been smoking ribs and chicken all day. There were 4 dudes there with grills going and wow what a feast! More and more people started to show - baked beans, potato salad, CARAMEL APPLES! So cool. I came home a bit ago to bath the kiddos (Erk came home too but then went back over for a few minutes). A nice time indeed.

Earlier today we had the pleasure of seeing Gramma and Grampa. It's been too long since we've seen you guys :) That was a nice way to spend our morning. Good to see Ry and Andy too.

Molly has been talking up a storm in her bed but now all that I hear is the fridge running! The kids are ZONKED. Bean is too - Erk took her down to the neighbors for the morning and part of the afternoon and she was filthy and exhausted. She likes to put on a good front, but deep down she's an old fart who will now sleep for 2 days straight. Kinda like me :)

I hope you've all had a good one! I just took my pig tails out and let my hair down. I think I'll watch some tv and be in bed by 10p. I know, I know... :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shoes Off

Who's ready for a nap? I AM! Mikie had me up 4 times in the night and I'm just tired. We ran to the dog food place, library, bank and gas station this morning - now lunch is done and its about time to head "up." Jack is flying off the handle at the smallest things and Mikie is being "Hollywood" for sure. Ohh, in the library, Molly took her shoes off and proceeded to jump on the couch! And just a few minutes ago I see her at the top of the steps with her pants down to her knees, shirt pulled up, diaper missing. Her sleeve is all wet. Hmmmm... fortunately it was only water (she loves to wash her hands now) but as I went to plop her on the potty to at least try to go, I noticed the door was locked. What's that? Ohh, I hear water running in there. She locked it and left the water on! BEAK! After 20 minutes of messing with a bobby pin in the tiny hole, I got 'er open and turned the water off. Sheesh! Never a dull moment, eh!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pix by the Dam

Some pix from a few days ago by the dam in town... The boys are soooo "senior picture" ish :)


Why did I make a pan of 9 chocolate chocolate chunk cookies just for me? Ahhh, cause I could :) I grocery shopped this morning solo (the kiddos are at Nanny and Papa's) and wouldn't you know I was STARVING when I got home. Everything looked so good but mainly I just wanted a turkey sandwich. I don't think I've ever tasted such a good one as today!

Shawna and I keep learning more and more as we go with our website - we keep reaching more ladies who enjoy the same things we do and we cross promote each other. The world of digital scrapbooking surely is a BIG one. Moreso than people realize! Pretty awesome stuff and incredible ladies to meet along the way.

A bit ago I put a hooded sweatshirt on and wondered why my neck felt all bunchy in back. I already had on a hooded sweatshirt, all be it short sleeved! HA! No wonder. So call me "double hoody" for now. I bet it's warmer outside than in here - I don't wanna crack all the windows though cause our crazy dog still loves to pop the screens out! SERIOUSLY! She's crazy -

Off I go. Hope you are having a good day. I have 5 more cookies to eat :) Or maybe I'll save one or two for the kids!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oopsy! I posted a bit for our business blog on here last night! If you saw it, we'd love to have you come digitally scrap w us :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Acts the Part

Cracked me up - she looks and ACTS the part today :)

Hello There

you can tell Jack has been known to spray people in the past :)
enjoyin' some cool water in the summer heat


So I realize I don't write on here every day - it doesn't mean I don't think of you all :)

Molly is sitting on the bed playing with the boys' Cars stuff and Bean is zonked next to me. The boys are off to school and ready to take on another day. That is after my phone call this morning to Jack's teacher about the boy in his class who is having fun intimidating Mikie. The first day his name was mentioned as someone who wasn't very nice - then on Friday this boy "cornered Mikie" on the playground. Jack drew a picture of "Jayden" kicking and punching him. Obviously nothing in the face or anything like that, but what the beak!? And why would ya pick on Mikie? He's so sweet and pretty darn innocent. So it was a phone call this morning and reminding Mikie that he should tell Jayden that he will tell an adult about it. Jack said he already told his teacher last week, so she's somewhat aware. I love Jack looking out for Mikie :)

Molly and I are headed to take a walk with the neighbor in a few minutes. Gonna go to the trail and enjoy the morning. I hope you're having a good one!? I don't think I even got my camera out this weekend so I don't have any pix to show ya. Maybe I can dig some up though from recent days!

Friday, September 11, 2009


She's not this happy right now I tell ya! The 2's are kickin' in :) She is so stubborn these past few days (well, perhaps one or two other days in her life she has been too)! Right now she is sitting up in the boys' room crying and carrying on. I just went up to make Mikie's bed and she was cheerful as ever. Kept saying "bye mom!" as I put clothes away and all. Now? She's crying for no reason. She's crazy! WOMEN!

The boys did great getting on the bus this morning and heading to school. Mikie got that tired-nervous-excited smile on his face when he saw the bus coming. We've reached an agreement with our neighbor about where the bus will stop - in the middle of our front yard. Thing is, we both get postcards in the mail saying the bus stop will be at each of our houses. Then the bus comes and after a day or two tells us she can't stop at both driveways, they are too close together. We had this same thing last year but it was settled soon enough when Jack didn't want to ride the bus in the morning so I took him. But this year? I've got 2 little men, and their son is in 4th grade. Not worth arguing over, but I felt confident that it should be at our driveway if it had to be one. So this morning Jeff pulls up and stops at the end of his driveway, as he always has, and I was like 'what the beak?' I walked over and said "I guess we have to figure out where the stop will be this year, eh?" He says the middle of our yard is fine (that's what the bus driver had told him yesterday). Fair enough. Works for me. Ohh and Bean tried to get on the bus and the driver thought it was so funny. I, of course, was ready to kick her butt :) hahaha!

Wouldn't you know, Mol quit crying. She finally gave up. Here she comes down the stairs. One battle at a time :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jack's First Day

So yesterday this here blog wouldn't let me post any pictures from the first day of school! I thought, perhaps it'd let me post the digital scrapbook pages I made yesterday? YEP! So here they are :)

Mikie's First Day

And here are Mikie's pages :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Good Day

Hey! How we doin today? It's so amazing to me how much LESS emotional I am this year about the boys first day of school. It's been a mixed bag in the back of my mind, some days I'd think WOW, they are old enough? Then other days I was wondering if it was time yet!

But the time came this morning, 8:16am when the "big Velveeta" came down the road and picked up our 2 crazy and precious boys. Daddy was here and got to see the boys off too. They got on the bus quickly and turned around for a flash of a smile and found a seat. I then hopped in the truck and headed to their school to snap some pix on the other end. There came bus #10 and off the boys walked. Before the bus door opened, Jack spotted me and smiled through the tinted 2-pane window. They both plopped off the bus with a nervous yet excited smile and gave me a high-five as they walked past. Off they headed with the huge group of other kids to the playground, not quite hand in hand but walking close together. At one point Jack put his arm around Mikie as if to tell him this is where they can hang. So cute... I stood there watching all of this wondering if the tears would come... should they come? They didn't. I watched their Sponge Bob and camoflauge backpacks disappear around the school building corner, a smile came to my face and I walked back to the truck. Climbed in and smiled again. Today is not a sad day - it's a good day. A good day for them to meet new people and do new things.

And now here I sit with Miss Snotty Nose not understanding why the remote controlled car won't work. I'm guessing when it is her, the last one, getting on that bus, many tears will be shed!

Ohh and I'll try to post some pix too - my camera went DEAD at the last shot! Thank you Lord for having my nearly dead batteries last!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Darn Thing

We are alive and well. I've been flying somewhat under the radar this weekend, mainly cause I had an outpatient surgery dealio on Thursday and finally today I feel about 95% back to "me." Now Miss Mol is sick with a fever and green snot everywhere...

My procedure went well, a sort of girlie type of surgery to help with my "monthly bill" that comes too often. So here's to hoping my EA will lighten the load :) Friday was the toughest day, I was kinda hunched over in the evening cause I had some bad cramping, so I was in bed by 7:30p that night. But I'm all good. Yesterday the boys and I went to Kohls to get a few things for school, so that was nice to get out. They are so RARE! Mikie got some Spiderman shoes and Jack got some skater looking shoes. SO FUNNY how different they are!

Ohh, Saturday night Mikie couldn't sleep so he came downstairs and watched some tv with Erk and I. A while passed and we told him it was time to head up. So I carried him up in the darkness. As we turned the corner into the pitch black hallway, I stepped right on something, a toy of some sort, and there was no way to avoid a fall. Down I came crumbling, Mikie at my waist, slow motion... but the motherly instinct must have kicked in cause I managed to finagle him unhurt while taking some skin off my elbow and landing with a huge BOOM! What the beak? Light on - Fisher Price barn that made me fall. Darn thing...

But now? Time to make some lunch. In 2 days? School starts! For most kids its tomorrow morning the smiles and nerves and bus ride, but since these boys go MWF, Wednesday is their first day. Don't worry, you'll see lots of pix :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday NANNY LOO!

Sorry I didn't get a card to you in the mail :( Hope you have a great day though!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweetie Pie

I thought this was a digital scrapbook page worth sharing :)