Sunday, November 30, 2008

Headed for our Christmas tree...

Three kids who I'd say are ready to go!
Molly wasn't loving the snow in her eyes... She didn't like the sled at first either,
but as she rode, she didn't mind too much...
Here are a few men who didn't mind the snow blowin' around!

I messed with the color on this picture of Mol and think it looks kinda cool!

there she is! quite a chubby tree we picked this year!

What's the matter, Mousie? You are so cute in that outfit, we just wanna quick picture! Need a hug?

Much better, eh? See, we aren't evil!
Now, that's more like it :)

Finishing up our artwork pix...

Ta da! Here is the lovely masterpiece Mikie made yesterday (with a little help from Mom)


Hey there! Man, the snow is falling - perfect weather for winter pictures :) That's what I just did actually, went and took our friends Christmas card photo in front of their VW bus! Cute! I hope they like how they turned out!! It's hard to keep smilin' when the snow is getting ya all over your face :)

Everyone here is asleep - Erk, Jack, Mikie, Molly and Bean dog! I'm the only one up - no nap needed today. I was so exhausted last night after grocery shopping and all, but didn't shut the light off until after 11p. Why oh why do I stay up that late if I'm dragging? It's hard for me to go to bed much earlier when Erk isn't home. I did have Mikie sleepin' with me, but not quite the same feeling of protection :)

I'll hopefully post some pix later - once everyone is up, we are headed to get our Christmas tree! YEAH! I can't wait! This will be Mol's first year of going with us since last year she was just too small. I'm thinking about grabbing the sled we got for Christmas last year for her to pull her in as we walk the long aisles of trees lookin' for that special "one." We'll see. She sure gets squirmy anymore when ya hold her too long. She'll be stylin' in her snowsuit for the first time!

I hope you have a good one - I'm wanting some candy, but wouldn't you know, we are all out :)!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"What are you talking about? I don't know what you mean, I didn't do anything..."
"Ok, fine. You found me out. I have no idea how - could it be this stuffing from the winter glove that is now a big pile of fuzz, stuck to my tooth!?"
Today Mikie and I had some special one on one time.
We ate lunch together just us two and then headed
to do some "artwork" at the same place Jack and I
did a while back. What a fun day for me and Mikie!
What's going on here is Mikie spilled his orange drink
under the table. Perhaps you can see the ice cubes? Umm
yeah, he then proceeded to spill it twice more in the car on the
way to the art studio!

Ok, this thing is taking way too long for me tonight! This tired lady is turning off the lights! I'll post more tomorrow of Mikie's and my fun day today... Good night!

What's That On Your Face?

I’m freaking tired and have determined over the past two days that we have candy thieves. Yep, not one but two. Well, one claims the other “made him do it,” but either way... two.

Yesterday before lunch, Jack was asking “can we go take a nap?” What mom doesn’t like hearing that? From him? Heck yeah! He asks, I will deliver! So we get done with lunch and end up heading up a bit earlier than I had figured, but if the boy is askin, I’m game. So I opted to lay down as well – seems I have a new sore throat I’m dealing with, this one is really special and comes and goes hard core. When it hurts, it KILLS. Anywho, I get Mol in bed, then Jack and Mikie and then I plop on down on my cozy pillow, pull the quilt up and try dozing off into la la land. Ten minutes go by and Molly starts talking. Then she’s crying, then talking… I ignore it best I can, re-puff my pillow and try to doze off again, figuring she will give in. Thirty minutes goes by and Mikie is in here dinking around, ever so quietly, but still making his presence known. So I pop open my eyeballs and tell him "I’m trying to sleep!" He says ok and tries to be still. It ain’t workin’, but I still lay here. Bed jiggling, Molly lolly gaggin'... A bit longer goes by and I decide I may as well get up. Mikie asks if we can turn on Disney Channel and I say sure. I then ask him if Jack is sleeping – assuming this entire time that he was. “Nope, he’s downstairs.” Okey doke, why don’t you go get him and have him come watch some Disney too. So Jack comes up with what? What’s that? Chocolate on his face.

I say, “what you been doing?”
He says, “just sitting downstairs quietly.”
REALLY? “What’s that on your face?”
He looks shocked but answers honestly, “ohh, and I was eating some chocolate.”
“How many?”
“Umm, two.”
Again I ask, “how many?”

So he ate three candy bars out of the “candy bucket” but pulling a chair in the kitchen, hopping up on it and getting into the cupboard.

So I tell him, “no dessert for you for 3 days.”
“I don’t care,” he responds quickly.
“Ok, no dessert for 4 days then, Jack.”
“Huh?” he says.

So 4 days got his attention. No sweets/desserts for 4 days. I’m thinking that’s the end of that. UNTIL…

This morning an m&m wrapper is found next to the register downstairs. Turns out our little candy thief was eating candy at 6:30am while we were still SLEEPING! Not only that, but Mikie too! Mikie claims “Jack made me do it” so I asked him the old “jumping off a bridge” question which he answered correctly :) Then Jack proceeds to tell me he’s been doing this “for quite a long time Mom, at least a week I’ve been stealing candy!” Not only candy, but brownies too! Off the top of the fridge! One resourceful little dude I tell ya! What a nut… Now it’s a week, no dessert for either one of them, and the candy was all tossed.

So my blaming Erk for the candy wrappers I found behind the dishwasher last week? I guess he wasn’t pulling my leg when he said it wasn’t him!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Here is Miss Mol this morning up to her normal shananagans!
And here are a bunch of pictures from our terrific day yesterday -
Jack in a turkey coma :)

Mikie gives the whole day a thumbs up!

Auntie Pat and Miss Mol

Nanny Loo and Miss Mol
Kind of the theme of the day for Mol yesterday!

Mikie and Mikie :)

Not sure why this is sideways, but this one is for you Mol!

me and Mol
Nanny and little Miss Molly

Em, Rachey, Laura and Jack playing doctor
Andy and Ry stealing buckeyes :)

Ry and Mikie
Molly not really sure what the beak!
Nice roll, Mikie!
Cute, Jack!

Our Thanksgiving

Auntie Pat and Auntie Jane hard at work
Kristen, Rach, Jack, Nanny, Kim, Em and Drew
Uncle Howard playing with tractors with Mikie :)
Papa Loo with Jack - great seeing you yesterday, PA!

553 total miles. 10 hour car ride. 3 kids who did really well. 2 McDonalds stops (early breakfast and late night dinner). Sun coming up on our way there. 2 potty stops. 30 people. 58 hugs. 3 turkeys. 2 pots of mashed potatoes. Full table with ALL the fixin’s. 2 pieces of pie (apple and pumpkin). 4 “buckeye bars” Kate made. 2 long tables full of family that we don’t get to see very often. 2 muddy boys from playing outside after supper. 1 sad/crabby Molly from not feeling up to par. 7 Ziploc bags of leftovers. 3 kids falling asleep 20 minutes into the car ride home. Sun going down on our way home.

Doing it in one day? Worth it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Turkeys

End of My Rope

Ok, I need to take a chill. I am so irritated by my dog and boys right now, it’s kinda crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the quiet time I’m enjoying right now, well, it’s quiet except for my dog who won’t quit chewing on a piece of a shoebox she found. Yeah… is she a puppy? Nooooo. This morning I caught her eating a CRAYON. Puppy? No!

Molly woke up with a 102 temp so I called the doc. She was real lethargic last night (she was just sitting in the middle of the kitchen with her thumb in her mouth, bless her ever pickin’ heart) and this morning her cheeks were all rosy. The doc told me last week at her 15 month well child visit that there was fluid in the ol’ ears. So I assumed that was what the prob was. That and Mikie has been telling me his belly hurts and throat hurts. So we did a double whammo and went to see the doc for both. He tested them both for Strep Throat and they were negative (I was glad and not surprised by the negative results) and said it's just a bug. Jack (and Mikie) was WILD in there, talking over top of me and the doc, screwing around. I tried to maintain a smile but was like COME ON BOYS! The nurse even told Jack to “shush” when he kept on Mikie about “you’re gonna have to get a flu shot!” ARGH!

So we leave there, run to the shoe store to return some boots I got yesterday. I got 2 pair and decided to keep one and look for another cuter pair of brown boots. I had like one selection (the beauty of HUGE feet I tell ya) and I decided to pass. Well as we are going to the counter (where I had set the pair I was going to exchange) I saw a cute pair that looked just like my old Uggs. I will admit, I used to be an Ugg snob, wouldn’t even consider buying non-Uggs, BUT… times do change a woman :) Comes down to $130 or $40? Hmmm… Anywho, I tell the girl I’d love some of those and she says they have to special order them (or I could drive 45 minutes to get them at another store). Then her register isn’t working, there is a line forming, I’m sweating in my winter coat while holding Molly who is insisting on getting outta my arms and the boys are dinking around with the sunglass display knocking pairs on the floor, trying on two pairs at once. I was going to explode inside! The chick working there is now on the phone with her boss trying to figure out the problem, my armpits are soaked and I was done. Done. But I couldn’t be, we had more stops to make!

We go from there to the library to get some books for our 10 hours in the car tomorrow. Jack is running around in the library (he knows BETTER) and I wanna yell, but can’t. Molly is eating puzzle pieces (gross) and Mikie kept bringing me books to add to our stack that were in Spanish!
Selfishly I wanted Taco Bell today – I debated… hemmed and hawed that that may give the kids the wrong impression, they are turds = they get to eat lunch out. But I needed it (PMS), and so we stopped. Ate in the truck and the boys both got it all down the front of them. Can you feel the gasket I was about to blow! I just don’t have it in me today – that extra dose of “that’s ok buddy, we can wash that out.” It’s more like “what the screw are you doing!?!?!?!?!” HA! But we held it together, made one final stop at the video store to get a few movies for the long car ride tomorrow and now I think we are all set. Of course Jack wandered off away from me in there so I had no idea where he was. Sheesh…

But once home, Molly went right up for her much needed and wanted nap and the boys are doing quiet time. Although, they just tried coming down a few minutes ago, whispering on the steps. BACK UP YOU GO! A half hour just doesn’t cut it! Now my dog is drinking out of a piss filled toilet, gotta run -


Wow, as I just got thru griping to you, I read about a girl 2 of my dear friends know who would LOVE to have a day like I have been having. She went in for gastric bypass surgery last week and there were complications and now she is in a coma on life support. She is married with 3 precious little kids, 2 girls and a boy. Here I sit, complaining about stupid things. What a good and needed smack in the face today. Please pray for Rachel – that she can come back to her family, if it be the Lord’s will. Wow…

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cute things recently said...

Jack - "When can we go to Chuck E Cheese?" I told him we dont' go very often "cause it costs lots of dollars." He then says to me, "but Mom, it's where a kid can be a kid!"

Mikie - "He has earmugs on cause it's snowing out."

Jack - "Why do the men have to die and not the women and babies?" We were talking about Titanic - pretty intuitive, eh?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some of our recent days...

Mousie in her new boots!
Being a nut job in Daddy's chair with the remote

Here we have Miss Mol finding her match... playin in the pantry like she does and poof! Down came the coffee creamer right in the ol' eyeball!

More of her new boots, she is so funny :)