Monday, January 31, 2011


Maya putting Molly's boots on for her
Molly tryin on Maya's pretty shoes


I took them both by surprise with my camera!

playing together in Mol's room
Today Molly had her first official playdate. Maya. She's 3 just like Molly. They had so much fun playing, and the cake topper was that Mike met his match. Maya wasn't sure about him at first, she was shy. But then she came out of her shell and started "giving it back" to Mike. She has his number big time! So fun to watch their little minds and voices, their laughter and play. And guess what? Molly got invited for a playdate at Maya's house next Monday :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


this is where we're at!

Hello! Coming to you live from a "resort" in the middle of nowhere! Shawna and I are here to digital scrapbook for the weekend. We've been looking forward to this since last July when we paid for it with our business funds :)

I must say, it's interesting... Mainly our sleeping quarters. Umm, I am 99% sure the movie "Psycho" was filmed in our room. Seriously. It's major creepy. The shower stall was one I wished I had flip flops along to use. Yep. But today we've gotten into our grooves with the scrapbooking part and have already talked about coming back next year. But cutting out the "Sunshine" sleeping quarters (which are more like "Deliverance"). We'll see if there is a hotel close. I'm thinking we passed one on our way in.

So here we sit, scrapbooking on our laptops. We are the only 2 in the entire room and I'd say there are 50 women here. You wouldn't believe the supplies, paper, cutters, special lights, containers, file cabinets and bags these ladies have! Everyone here was given a 6 foot table. Let's just say, I moved over to Shawna's table so we could chat, here we both sit at a 6 foot table, the lady across from us took over my table with all of her "gear." WOW!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This mornin

It wasn't until I just walked down the mailbox looking like this that I laughed at myself...

The morning was filled with

- being woken up too early, kids running the halls (namely Mike and Molly)
- twice going upstairs to tell Mike and Molly to get BACK IN BED
- Jack feeling sick, but is he too sick for school or just wanting to stay home?
- reminding Mike 4 times to get pants on = frustrated MOM
- giving the boys a ride to school

So naturally I didn't take the time to shower. I suppose I could have squeezed one in, but I didn't. So I took them to school in my pj's, robe over top with my winter coat over top of that. I threw a hat on so as to not embarrass the boys. I guess I shoulda realized it when Jack wouldn't kiss my cheek when I dropped them off at school! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Putting the kids to bed tonight was like most any night. Molly got out of bed repeatedly to get more water or see what I was talking to the boys about or for some cute-made-up-3-year-old-reason. Mikie waits patiently in the dark in his room pondering what makes the world go 'round. Jack and I have a new thing of me tickling him for a while using a funny accent, cracking both him and I up. But tonight? Jack wanted me to lay down by him... after I said goodnight to everyone else.

At first I told him how I had some things to do and that it was time for bed. Then I got hit with the thought, how often do I get to do this? It isn't something he asks every night. He was just looking for that extra time. Just me and him. So I acted reluctant and told him I'd be back, all the while smiling at him. Went and prayed with Mike (he prayed tonight, it was so sweet),

"Dear Lord, thank you for all that you did for us today. Please, uh please help us all to have a good day tomorrow and please help Jack to be on green at school so he can get to 10 days green. And ummm, Amen."

Then put Molly in bed (for the fourth time) and head down the narrow hall to Jack's room. He was waiting, even scooted over so there was room for me. I plopped down next to him, laying on my stomach and he wanted to talk.

"Hmmmm, what to talk about..." he said, looking up at the ceiling.

Then he smiled and began telling me all about his day. From what he had for breakfast to what conversations he'd had throughout the day to what his "word wall words" were to recess and playing football to coming home and having tacos to playing Daddy at Madden 11. I just lay there listening. So precious. Special time just me and him.

Odds and Ends

the delightful cinnamon roll erk and i shared up north
yesterday we went to sign molly up for preschool for the fall. i can't believe it! but she's pretty excited!

huh... goggles and oven mits...

uhh bean, last i checked you were a dog, not a cat?

Sleepy Lady

I'm freakin tired. And I have a huge zit on the side of my neck. Is it bedtime? Can you say PMS?

Mousie and I have been going quite a bit today - we took the boys to school, then back home to make my grocery list, off to church for mom's group, then stopped at Subway to split a foot long, then grocery shopping, then home to unload and put it all away. When is Bean going to learn how to unload the truck for me? That's the least she can do! :)

So now that I'm sitting I don't wanna get up. Jack and Mikie will be getting off the bus soon. I have to be outside for that so I guess I'll have to get up.

If you've wondered why I haven't posted many pictures lately, well, it's cause I'm feeling like my camera kinda bites. And I haven't taken many pix. I'll see what I can come up with though for ya.

Have you watched "Gold Rush" yet? Great show. Erk and I taped it over the weekend and watched it last night. Pretty neato, although it makes Erk wanna move to Alaska :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


How often do we feel like "there's no food in the house!" But then look and realize we have plenty. I just made a pretty nice meal considering we need to get groceries.

Some fun that got a 'brewin today here is a playdate next Monday for Miss Molly. A precious little girl from church, Maya. She shares my birthday, although she's 30 years younger. She'll come for a few hours to play! Molly can't wait! And she won't have to worry about legs being torn off Barbie or Barbie stripped naked (like she does when Mike plays).

Molly told me earlier when Mike was taking the clothes off Barbie, "That doesn't make me feel good. Mike makes me crabby!"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 Things

Hey all! I'm sitting here waiting for 2 things.

For the digital scrapbook kits I just got online to upload to my laptop and for the kids to get home! We've missed them this weekend! It'll be great to have them home. They are watching the beginning of the football game with Papa, then at half time they'll meander home. Can't wait to see their precious faces! And you are right, Nan Loo, we are VERY fortunate to have them so close to be an amazing help!

Lots of snow up north this weekend - which was a nice thing for the "boys" with their outdoor activities. Shawna and I certainly enjoyed vegging out on the couch and recliner digital scrapbooking these past few days. It's been so long since either of us has scrapbooked so it took some time to get back in the groove. Fun stuff though, how cool to have our business, our friendship and our hobby all piled into one!

So many people in need of prayer - please lift them up, taking time right now to pray!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Good evening! Sitting right next to the fireplace here at our "condo" and even though I'm warm and have rosey cheeks, I'm not willing to move from this spot! Erk just went in our room to read and Jay and Shawna are watching tv. Looking forward to tomorrow and more scrapbooking! Thanks to our home watchers and Nanny and Papa for keeping Jack, Mike and Molly entertained for the weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The B-I-B-L-E

Sorry it's sideways, but so cute of Miss Molly singing in the car...

Blood and Bus

A couple of things that have happened in the past few days I forgot to mention:

Erk took Bean dog out to the "state game" area at the end of our road a few days back for a little snowshoeing. They got back a little sooner than expected. I was folding clothes and Erk called to me from the front door, asking if I could "come here." So I did and saw a bloody Bean head! I didn't freak, but asked what happened!? Erk figures she caught her ear on a pricker bush or something, but she only was cut on her ear. From the looks of it (and the blood everywhere) I figured there had to be more damage. We contemplated the vet, but thought we'd get her washed up first to see what we were dealing with. I took hold of her choke chain and brought her into the bathroom. Erk went out to his car to wipe down the backseat that could have very easily been a crime scene. So while in the bathroom with Bean, I decided to take my jeans off. They were my good ones, naturally I didn't wanna get blood all over 'em. So I'm in the tub with Bean in my socks, undies and shirt. Mike opens the door and Molly is there to peek too, wondering what the heck I'm doing! Anywho, I get Bean all rinsed off and have Mike find me a gauze packet and some masking tape (which doubles as Jack's football holder on his dresser). I get the ear all wrapped up and let Bean loose, only for her to shake her head and body off, reopening the wound. Blood everywhere. Even on poor little Molly who had just sat on the potty chair. She had blood all over her face and arm and the toilet was covered. Mol was freaked! Got her all cleaned up and Bean cleaned off again. I called Lindsey to see what she thought and bless her heart, she came over right away with some saave to take a look at the ear. It was just a surface wound (tell that to our front porch and the snow bank outside with blood spatters). Each time Bean would shake her head, she bled. This went on for quite a bit, but each time got less and less. Eventually it stopped and her "elephant ear" as Nanny Loo called it, is doin just fine.

Yesterday at normal time my phone rang the reminder and I headed to the front door to watch for the boys to get off the bus. 3:50pm came and I was on the front porch waiting. Vrooooooom by the bus went. Flew right on past our house going 55 MPH. Uhhh. I stood there shocked. I called my dad and asked, "what the hell just happened here?" Molly was napping so I couldn't go chase it. There I stood. Called Erk and left a voicemail. Waited. Walked to the end of the driveway and looked side to side as if my looking would make the bus suddenly appear. Decided to call 411 to get the info for the schools transportation building. Just as the number was being recalled to me by the computerized information voice, the bus appeared over the hill. And sure enough, at 3:58pm the boys got dropped off, on the wrong (scary) side of the street. Nervous they'd get hit and getting them into our yard, the bus driver slides open her window and apologizes, saying she doesn't know what she was thinking. Umm yeah, me either.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chicken Strips

I was just able to have a really cool talk with Jack.

Tonight we are having manicotti for dinner. Not a favorite of Jack's, or Erk's for that matter. But something different. And Mike and I happen to like it. Molly, I'm not sure. Anywho, Jack isn't happy. He also isn't happy that his video game got interrupted by him and Mike fighting so I had them turn it off. Then he went to his room to find that Mike had taken apart his LEGO ship to put LEGOS in the "estimation jar" for school. Three pretty big blows to the little man.

So we talked about these things, singled them out as what was bothering him. I told him I understood, and I do. And it's ok to be disappointed or frustrated.

Then the cool discussion... I talked to him about how life isn't always "chicken strips." (Those of you who eaten out with Jack know that is what he always orders). It isn't always gonna be chicken strips. Sometimes life throws manicotti at you. Something new or different or not what you would want if it was up to you. Will he try it? He may like it.

I told him how this mom's group at church, at first I went cause I felt it was the thing I should do. I took a bite. Once I took that bite I realized I kinda liked it. I took a little more, chewed on a little more and realized it's great! I've been so blessed by it. Had I not taken that first bite, I wouldn't feel the encouragement and new friendships and growth I do today as a result of it. He looked at me with a big smile. He got it.

Now let's see if he'll try the manicotti...


Molly showing me her moves the other day :)
The county truck has gone by our house probably 3 times in the last hour! They are getting the road pre-prepped for the weather I think. Well, and there is quite a bit of snow out there now they are trying to sand/salt.

What a nice morning. The boys had a 2 hour delay and honestly, I had a hard time getting out of bed. I had a headache and just wanted to catch a few more Z's. But the kids were up and ready to tackle the day and Erk was outta here early to head to work. So I dragged my sorry butt outta bed and it's been a good day.

Phone calls started to trickle in just after 8am about our mom's group and whether we should go as planned or delay it. I figured since I was the only one with a conflict (kids old enough to be in school) we'd go for it. Made a few calls, there were enough of us that were gonna be there that we made it work. Picked up Lindsey and Hunter on the way and the boys didn't mind being in the nursery for 45 minutes til it was time to run them to school. Well, maybe Jack minded, but he lived to tell the story :)

We had an amazing speaker today, she's come twice now. WOW. This lady tells it like it is, no frills. The first time she spoke to our group we all left with makeup run down our faces and crying. Not in a bad way, but in a way that she touched our hearts and truly wants to teach and help us raise Godly children. Pretty awesome stuff, and quite the responsibility! No tears fell today, but equally good conversation. What a cool lady. She's got her crap together!

So afterwards, Mol and I dropped Lindsey and Hunter off at home and we came home for some "butter and jelly" as Molly calls it. We chatted for quite some time and colored, and now she is up doing quiet time. Felt good to shift my focus on her while we were sitting here, rather than picking up my phone or opening my laptop. It's good to have reminders sometimes that these types of things can wait. And there is no reason I need to text back right away. Listening to Molly talk about hot air balloons and "where are the fricking deer?" are too priceless to miss!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

The dryer is clanking around something with a zipper. Molly is singing upstairs. Mike is making engine noises while flying around with a Lego ship he just made. I'm staring at dirty dishes. Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Jack snuck outta bed (per his and Daddy's plan) to come watch the Packers vs. Falcons game. It's hilarious how big of football fans our boys are, and I must admit, I have become too! I find pro football very entertaining. WEIRD I know!

A great day today - Molly got to spend the night special at Granny and Grampa's house last night and got dropped off this morning. When she got here with Granny, Nanny and Papa were here. Papa helped carry the VERY heavy desk upstairs into Jack's bedroom. Since we are clearing what used to be "the office", we are finding places for the furniture in there. During all of that craziness, Jack, Mike, Molly and I headed out to pick up Jack's friend Jared for a "playdate." (I must say, "playdate" sounds like kind of a gay word. You know what I mean :) Erk stuck here at home to come up with a plan-stan for the office area. Heck, for the laundry room too. How fun is it to have house projects again? To know we are staying put in this here ol' house and to look forward to what it will become. Amazing to feel the peace knowing this is where we'll be.

Anywho, we picked up Jared (and I got to meet his brand new baby sister Lauren, what a cutie) and headed out to lunch. The kids had hotdogs and all and I had a nice salad. From there we headed to the gymnastics place around the corner for some open gym. On our way I saw I missed a call from Mike's friend's mom who hadn't called me back about today's playdate. So I called her back and we detoured to pick up Lucas. What a nut. Then we headed for open gym and the kids ran/jumped/balanced their little hearts out. We came back here for the kids to play and that's when Lucas started to bug me. The kid cracks me up, but seeing him for a long amount of time made me realize what a strange little man he is.

Erk and I kept looking at each other like "weirdo!" The kids played upstairs for a bit, begged to play a video game, chased each other, made Molly feel bad (kicked her out of her bedroom) and Mike got ticked a few times. By 4:00p, I was done. All set. I had called Lucas' mom to come get 'em between 4-4:30p, and she got here right at 4:30p. That was a loooooong 1/2 hour. Anywho, Lucas left and Jared was still here a bit. He could have hung out longer, what a nice, respectful little dude. Once he left our evening consisted of nachos in the oven, football and more football. And now? Here Bean sits next to me like she owns the place (she kinda does), Jack is barely keeping his eyeballs open although he's acting like he can sit here the whole game and Erk is flipping thru the channels during commercials.

Nighty night!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ballerina School

Did you know my dog is CRAZY! She's whining at me non-stop to give her attention, simply, well, because she's crazy. I can't talk on the phone without her whining or barking at me. I can't sit down while Molly is sleeping and type this cause she doesn't want me to. WOW. What a nutjob!

Molly and I laid down a bit ago and we both conked. I woke up to the sound of her breathing. So precious. I lay there thinking of what a gift she is, all of our kids are, that God has given us. Thankful for the gift of breath.

I wanted to show ya some pix from this morning. Molly had her first "ballerina school." She's been excited about this for weeks and today it finally came. This morning at 6:21am I was woken with her little step-step-step up to the side of our bed in the dark, where she whispered, "Mom? Is today my first ballerina school?"

The class is only 1/2 hour. And the outfit we got, the "right kinda ballet slippers" and class itself should be l-o-n-g-e-r due to what we paid, but none the less, she was lovin' every minute. Our added bonus today? Hunter was with us. His momma had a 3-hour sugar test (she's getting closer, baby boy #2 is due in a few weeks). He's a busy little man and oh so entertaining!

Molly felt the need to keep Hunter contained :)
All ready to go (and a little nervous, I was surprised she put the ol' thumb in)

Molly headed to class with her 6 classmates - ohh, grabbing Hunter to keep him corralled

Off she goes! Us mom's stayed in a room across the hall

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Same Ol'

Mousie and I didn't venture out today and I gotta tell ya, I got bored. I'm not sure if she did, but I was. Isn't that terrible? Not that I always need things to do, just that sometimes day to day same ol' same ol' can get, well, boring.

The washer and dryer were running, dishes drying and we played Barbies. Molly told me she was Santa and I sat on her lap and told her what I want next year for Christmas. Then she was a scary nurse (in Mike's old Halloween costume) and she checked my broken leg. Still yet, bored. At one point, I fell asleep face down on her bed for 1/2 hour. Bean did too :)

I hope you've had a good one! I see it's snowing out there. Ground venison is browning for a mexican dish for supper (not sure what yet) and the kids are all chillin out. Off I go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some recent pictures

When I came around the corner this morning, I could see on the trees in our side yard that the sunrise must be really pretty. So I walked out the front door and spotted it. Yep, very pretty!
A woman busy at work.

Cute Picky sleepin'


I have to tell ya, I'm feeling pretty blessed that so many of you read this here blog. I have been asked by 3 people today "what the beak?" is up with not updating my blog. And I've got to say, that makes me smile. I'm glad you check in with what's going on with us and enjoy this. I know I sure do :)

Things are going well - been a busy few days. Not any more busy than usual, but I've been trying to be more concious of how much time I'm spending on my laptop - I'm trying to play more. This morning I played Barbies with Molly and Legos with Mikie. Last night the kids and I played Twister and Mouse Trap. With it came the best sound, good ol' fashioned belly laughs! Just make the plastic dude from Mouse Trap puke into the bucket that the silver marble is supposed to go into - guaranteed Jack laughing his butt off and Mike soon to follow!

Last night when I was saying goodnight to Jack, his light was off, so only the light shining in his room from the hallway light. I was on my knees beside his bed, he was all covered up laying on his stomach facing me.

He said to me, "Mom, remember when your hair was short like mine?"
I said, "yep."
He says, "I like it longer."
I replied with a squint of the eyes and a turn of the head, "is that your way of telling me you think it looks nice?"
Jack said, "That's my way of telling you I love you and I think you're pretty."

CROCODILE tears streamed down my face.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Slippin and Slidin'

Some winter fun :) Cracked me up that Mol insisted on wearing her shades!


So funny, I just had to drop what I was doing (getting ready to do dinner dishes) and share these:

We got talking at dinner about Erk's and my past. How we dated back in high school, how Daddy broke up with me a few times (he was sucha commitment phobe). Erk told the boys that he used to get "homesick for Mommy," and someday the boys will feel that way about a girl. Jack then responds that maybe it'll be a boy for him. Erk and I tell him, "you don't know what you're talking about buddy," and he said, "I guess I don't... hey, this is the first time I didn't know what I was talking about!"

During the discussion, Erk mentioned that during the college years, Mommy went from a girl to a woman and turned into "hot." With the dinner clearing and Jack's conversation, we didn't notice Mike had left the kitchen. Two seconds later, in runs Mike with a Barbie doll and asks Erk, "Dad, did Mommy look like this?"


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Day?

Well the weather outside is... pretty :) Molly and I just came in and the boys were soon to follow. Did a little sledding out there in the side yard. Molly's poor hands were freezin so we got some hot chocolate going. I took some laundry upstairs to put away and hear Mike yelling for me. He wanted me to watch him ride (standing up) down the hill on the orange sled. So I opened a side window for a good view. He did it! Stood most of the way! Then Jack goes to get the sled and inadvertently kicks Mike right across the left side of his face. OOPS. Mike cried but pulled it together quick and both boys headed in to add their snowgear to the dryer. Fortunately the cold helped it not hurt too bad on Mikie's face. He's a tough guy.

Hot chocolate is gone and Cheezits are out. Had dinner going all day in the crockpot so the house smells gooooood. I wonder how long it will take Erk to get home tonight? With all the snow and slow drivers... Weather says 1-5 inches today and more tomorrow. Snow day anyone?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Old House

Erk was busy last weekend :) On New Years Eve we gained a walkway (a huge hole in the wall) from our laundry room into the office. Soon enough, the laundry room will also be Erk's and my walk-in closet. And the office will become our master bath. Fun to be working on this old house again!


a family game of Twister on New Years Day :)

Uhh, Bean?

Hey all! Some funny pictures from a few days ago. I'm relaxin' at home, Mike and Mouse are at Nanny and Papa's and Jack is at school. Pretty soon Shawna and I are gonna meet up to talk some bizz :) I hope you have a good day - so far so good here!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Potty Breaks

Bean has been barking at me to open the door. I've ignored her. So she just walked past me and nudged at my nightstand, watching to see if it would tip over. Now she is back to the front door. I think she really needs to go out.

The boys are both at school today! Jack adjusted as best he could yesterday, had a good day. He was nervous and ahead of time, not really looking forward to it. But he came home on "green" all day :) Today it was Mikie... "Mike get your gloves on, Mike, your snowpants, Mike, have you brushed your teeth?" And there sat Jack 10 minutes before the bus came all dressed with snow gear and ready to go. So funny how different!

Mol and I are headed to church before long for our mom's group. Looking forward to being back, it's been a few weeks!

Erk and I got a chance to celebrate our anniversary last night while the kids were with Granny and Grampa. We did chinese (really bad food at this buffet, YUCK! I still have a gut bomb this morning) and then a movie, Little Fockers. I must admit, it didn't get me laughing like the other 2 did!? But really nice to have some time with just me and Erk. Good time to talk and reconnect without needing extra napkins for a spilled drink and saving moola on just 2 movie tickets instead of 5. Not to mention not needing popcorn and candy for everyone, ohh and we could sit in the very top of the theater without any potty breaks :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year :) Here are some digital scrapbook pages I made at the end of each month - 365 pictures, a picture a day! I have no idea why they are different sized pages? WEIRD (kinda like me) :)