Saturday, February 27, 2010

Driver's Seat

I think one of the things I dislike most about the snow is how... after your car is parked outside for a while (like in my case, last night while Shawna and I sat and scrapbooked at Starbucks for a few hours) and it's been snowing, when you go to open your driver door, the snow wishes into the car and on the front seat. There my driver's seat sits, covered in snow, when it's already a shock to the system to be out in the cold after being warm inside.

So after brushing the light flakes off my driver's seat and ploppin in, I didn't wanna wait for the truck to defrost. We've all been there - figuring it'll be no problem, before long you'll be able to see out of the windshield. Well, I had a small oval that was clear on the windshield that I had to hunch over to see out of, but figured I'd go for it. I get on the road, snow blowin' and not seeming to defrost so quickly - my wipers weren't even touchin it. I was at a complete loss and had to pull over. I wait there (why I couldn't wait in the Starbucks parking lot for 2 minutes is beyond me) and things become clearer. Back on the road I go and see a car that had been near me in a ditch. I thought, WOW, by the grace of God I pulled off when I did! I may have hit that dude! So off I continue and yep, I got home unscathed.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tag Along

I got to chaperone Mike's class to the children's museum today. They had fun! Molly hung out with Hunter (and his mom) and Jack was at school...

This Pic

I snapped this pic real quick to show Mom what Molly was wearing today. I called her "Punky Brewster" this morning :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drivebys and Salmon Stink

We are home now after "doing surveillance" on our house for a while. We met up with Erk at the new mexican place in town for dinner (Bean did great in the truck - HUGE surprise!) and we took our time. Then Erk did the first "driveby" to see if the people had showed up for their showing at 7p. Problem was, our realtor said between 7 and 8, so really, who knows when they'd show. We (me+the kids+Bean) then did a driveby and saw people pulling into our driveway at what Mike says was "7:22pm." So we drove, chatted with Erk most of the time on our phones, played a game of guessing where he was and where we were. Did an occassional driveby (we figured the key is not hitting the breaks and they would never know we were stalkers) and finally after 40 minutes, the people left. So Erk got home before we did and comes in to hear the timer going off.

Lemme rewind... Erk made salmon patties yesterday and the house reaks of fish. I don't like fish anyway, so the smell seemed extra strong to me. Anywho, I made peanut butter cookies earlier thinking that would offset the smell. Umm, not so much. So I cut up some apples and put cinnamon and sugar on them, tossed that in the oven and set the timer for it to go off 20 minutes before the people showed up. Here I thought I was all cool, makin' my house smell yummy, yeah, look at me - NOT THINKING about how the timer would be going off for 2 hours!! The oven turned itself off but not the timer! How embarrassing! Now, why wouldn't they just turn it off? BEEP. BEEP. "So lemme show you the BEEP upstairs. This is a nice sized bed BEEP room with a closet BEEP." Gimme a break! HA! So funny, I swear that sorta stuff only happens to me! Now I know for next time. And by the way? Our house still smells like fish.

Insane Sanity

Seems it's been a crazy week! I pulled a muscle in my neck this morning while trying to shave my legs (something I don't do near enough, guess I should so those muscles stay loose!) so I can't turn to the right without turning my whole body. I just unclogged the upstairs toilet even though I asked twice this morning #1, is the toilet clogged and #2 what smells like poop. I guess I shoulda gone and checked - aka followed my inSTINKs, but I didn't. So while we were out running errands (including the library), it sat there and stewed. Nice visual I know...

Now the dog is outside barking at who knows what and the kids are supposed to be doing quiet time and Mol napping. But Mol saw me in the bathroom upstairs and started talkin. I just went about my plunging business and came back down here thinking now the house will give me some peace. But then comes Mikie to tell me Molly wants some water. Ohh and she has to go potty. How do kids learn this sorta stuff SO YOUNG!? Stallin'! I asked Mike to get her up and help her go potty. He did, giggling the whole time, her giggling too and once I knew they were simply dinkin, I got involved. Now Molly is back up in bed and the boys know I mean QUIET with quiet time and here's to hoping my sanity will return this afternoon... Ohh and we have a 7p showing tonight - yeah - better get doin' laundry!

Bon Voyage!

Nanny and Mousie
Papa with the boys

Nanny and Papa are headed south - they left this morning. As much as it BITES to see them go, we'll get to join them in 10 days or so, so we are thankful for that! We pray for their safety every mile every minute!

We are headed to the library in a few. I'm waiting to get back in the bathroom (Mikie kicked me out so he could go #2)... Ahh perhaps our next house will have an extra bathroom!? By the way, Jack was in the head upstairs, that's why I was the first to go...

We got a call for a showing on Saturday morning. Here's to hopin they at least show up!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


the lovely weed that jack picked for me today :)
you can see the fun mikie and molly had this mornin...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Miss Mol

me: "What if I put Little People on my iPod?"
molly: "That ah be fun!"

molly: "Deez my boobies. Papa have boobies too!"

molly: "Hunter no have poopies, just pee pees."

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello, good evening... it's 10:20p and hard to believe both Erk and I are still awake. I guess the awake part isn't so hard to believe, as is that we are sitting in the same room. Seems anymore I go upstairs to watch tv and he's down here or vice versa. He's playing Tiger Woods Golf on the Playstation and here I sit on my laptop.

We went to see Mom and Dad today - had a very nice visit. Glad to see Dad up and around! Mom looked sore from her biopsy yesterday, but they are both on the mend. Good to see 'em. The kids were thrilled and did a nice job "going easy" on Papa. The boys like to tackle and punch him in the gut. But they didn't today :)

From there we went to pick up our groceries (yep, did the online grocery shopping again today and simply pulled in and they loaded them for me!) and then on home. Erk ordered pizza from Domino's and it was rather tasty. We caught Miss Slow Eater divying up her pizza amongst the dogs!

Once the kids were in bed, I settled here in this here chair with my orangish throw on my lap and found a movie on tv to watch. Erk was working on getting iTunes on my forever ago free iPod. I had no idea my phone had rung and I'd been texted until I went in the kitchen. Janet (Rocky's owner) had called and texted - she was crying... she isn't sure if someone broke into her house, but one of her dogs is missing. I called her right back and she was in tears, saying Sadie was gone. She asked if we could look for her. I asked if anyone had called the police and she said no cause they aren't sure what happened. She's in Florida still and her hands are tied! She got a call from her brother that her front door was wide open and 2 of her 3 dogs were sitting on her porch. Janet sees her dogs as her kids (as all of us dog owners do I suppose, if we admit it, eh!?) and I felt so bad. I told her I'd go right then to look for Sadie (by this time it's after 9pm). Erk said he'd go instead and grabbed a collar and headed out. He drove around, whistled, called her name, nothing. In the meantime I talked to Janet a few times and now they seem to think someone a few miles away may have her. She's gonna call me to let me know when she knows. Yikes. Poor soul!

So that's where I'm at. The kids were so cute today - did you know Mikie doesn't like to be kissed on the lips anymore? He says it's "too wet." So when we kiss him, we do as they do in England or wherever they do that where you "moo-wah" on each cheek. RARE or what!

UPDATE - they found Sadie! YEAH! Thank you Lord :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


this here is off the listing - my latest intrigue... this house is for sale and I kinda dig its funky-ness!

Poor Uggs

So far my new Uggs (boots) have been puked on and peed on. Thanks a lot Molly...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Stuck

Yesterday was a crazy day, lemme tell ya. More like a crazy hour timeframe in the middle of the day I guess…

I had the opportunity to help in Mikie’s class at school from 12:30 – 2pm and it was wonderful. What a fun bunch of 5 year olds! So cute – all different but the same, ya know? I got to sit in library with them at the end of my time there and one of the little girls in Mikie’s class asked to sit on my lap. Very cute.

On my way from there to go pick Molly up at Mom and Dad’s, I called Mom to tell her I was on my way. She asked if I’d swing thru and get Dad’s prescriptions from the pharmacy – he had gone to the doc that morning and found out he has pneumonia! So I grab his scripts and head to their house. Mol is up from her nap and Mom’s friend is over visiting. I happened to check the label on Dad’s prescriptions and one of them said to take it every 4 hours. So I asked Mom if it would be ok to go give it to Dad (he was asleep downstairs already, like right after he got home from the doc’s office, poor dude). I walked on down to my old bedroom and he was laying there, shirt all undone, covers tossed to the side with his eyes closed, sorta moaning. I said, “Dad?” and that startled him awake. Most of you know, I don’t usually call my dad “Dad” it’s typically Jerk or Butthole, but this constituted a “Dad.” So we visited for a minute in between him trying not to cough (ohh, I felt so bad for him seeing him like that :() and I headed back upstairs to get Molly ready and head for home to get the boys off the bus.

In a quick decision, I thought, “I’ll go the back way…” and off Mol and I head in the truck. As we come up around the corner just about ½ mile from Mom and Dad’s, I see a white full sized DTE van sitting just off the road. So I hit my brakes thinking what the screw is this guy doing right there and realize I’m not stopping. The “back way” was all ice under the snow. So as my truck didn’t stop, I yanked my wheel to the right figuring at least I’d go into a snow bank and I did. Well, now I’m stuck. I try “rockin’ it” but nothing. I get out. Wonder why the dude in the DTE truck isn’t offering to help me. Go around the truck with it still running, clearing the snow from behind the front tires. Get back in, won’t budge. Then DTE guy gets out and walks over. Find out he is stuck too. Same thing happened to him – he came around that same corner and saw the “tree trimmers” truck in the road and hit his brakes. He somehow ended up in the opposite direction so I’m not sure if he did a 180 or what, but there we both were. He tried pushing me out. Nope. Asked me, “isn’t this truck 4 wheel drive?” Umm, yeah. Nothing. So he tells me a tow truck is on the way for him. My main concern running through my mind this entire time is THE BOYS. They are gonna be getting off the bus and I need to be at home! If I’m not, they are not allowed to drop the kids off (at their ages). So I called Mom and asked if she could cover me, which she gracefully did (thanks MOM!). So back to my snowbank and Mol asking me, “what doin’ Mom?” from the backseat.

One of the tree trimmer guys (who is working with a crew) walks over with some equipment and tries to clear the snow from around DTE van’s tires. DTE guy is still stuck. The tow truck shows up. He starts spinning his tires at the top of the hill. I’m still not sure how I’m gonna get out, but figured I’d just go with the flow. I happened to look up at the top of the hill where tow truck guy is and notice. Umm, no it’s not! Yeah it was. His butt was completely showing. I turned and then looked back and turned away and made a shocked look on my face. Oh no he isn’t!

Next thing I know, ½ ass showing guy is hooking up my truck, not DTE’s and while bending over to hook me up, his pants managed to drop all the way down. Like as in, ENTIRE BUTT SHOT. I couldn’t believe it! He walks on up to his tow truck (bare buns hanging in the wind) and I yell, “so do I get in it?” and he yells, “yep, get in and put ‘er in neutral.” So I do and 2 minutes later, Molly and I are unstuck. In the meantime, tree trimmers pulled DTE out with some equipment they had.

My new friend DTE guy walks up alongside my truck and says, “well, you just got a free tow, I’ll sign for it.” That was very nice. As he was gonna go sign the paperwork with butt crack guy, I thanked him repeatedly and asked, “will you mention to the tow truck driver that his butt is showing?” The DTE guy didn’t think it was quite as funny as I did, but apparently has had this guy help him before and he always sees the man’s arse. So I chuckle, watch in my side mirror as DTE signs the paperwork. He walks back up to my truck to get to his van and I thank him again and ask, “so, did you have the pants conversation?” He smiled and kept walking.

Finally, on the road again and headed home. Good thing Mom was there to get the boys off the bus! While they were waiting for me and Mol to get home, Bean and Rocky (Rock is here til Tuesday) destroyed our dining room blind, again. Yep Erk, did you notice it’s ½ way up? They were so excited to see Mom and the boys and wanted to come out to play, but Mom didn’t have a key.

During the drive home, I get a text. It’s from our realtor wondering if we’d think about a ‘1 year land contract with $10,000 down.’ Huh? So I text him back that I have no idea what that means and he calls me. Apparently some folks who used to live on our road were foreclosed on a few years back and can’t qualify for a mortgage yet. Anywho – we are looking into what all of it would mean and we’ll have to see. These terms “land contract” “short sale” and “foreclosure” are so commonplace anymore. Crazy how that goes.

Anywho – so that was the weirdness from yesterday. I’m happy to report that Dad seems to be feeling gradually stronger. Please pray for him and my mom who is having a biopsy tomorrow. Whew – when it rains, it pours!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm a tad irritated. I'm irritated that I've put on a few pounds. I'm irritated that I can't ever have all of the clothes in the house clean and put away at once. I'm irritated that no room stays picked up for more than 4 minutes. I'm irritated that every single time Molly sneezes, I have to run for a kleenex. I'm irritated that we haven't had showings on our house. I'm irritated that I have to vacuum again. I guess I'm a little more than a tad irritated...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Pix

the scene right now (actually, this was Jack last night - tonight I went up to check the kids and he is asleep in our bed). I left him there cause, well, it's cute he does that.
Hunter movin' in on Mol's snack

look at these 2!

a picture colored just for me from Mikie


Sometimes kids say the most incredible things...

yesterday on our carride home Mikie said:

"Mom, I never want your face to change."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun and Cute

Hey guys! How we doin? I came across these cute pix while scrapbooking pictures from a camping trip we took back in 2008. I thought they were worthy of their very own pages. Adorable of you and Molly, Mom L! :) I'll print one for ya -

Saturday, February 13, 2010

That Quick

with this going on... (Bean and Rock wrestling)
and innocent Molly playing in the snow with big bro Jack
how could one know that the dogs would get so carried away, they would knock Molly down like she was a bowling pin! I screamed as it happened, slow motion. The power of these two crazy dogs made Mol fly about 3 feet and land on her forehead in the driveway... She's ok, thankfully!
and the dogs did feel bad (Bean wouldn't make eye contact and her ears were back, Rocky went off and took a snooze)

Friday, February 12, 2010


A conversation with Mikie at 5 ½ years old…

Mikie (talking about his future kids):

If they make a bad choice, I’ll do something really bad to them – I’m gonna put them back in school so they won’t do that and they won’t go to jail. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Then I might be a police or I might be a judge and tell them not to arrest them. OK? Would that be good? And if daddy does something wrong, I’ll tell them not to arrest him too. That be good? OK? Whenever my kids do something really wrong I will spank ‘em. Spank ‘em even when they are in high school maybe.

Mikie (random thought said outloud):

We need to get this glued on again (part of our floor).

Mikie (back at the future kids scenario):

Uhh, I don’t think anything else. Uhh if they drive too fast though they’ll have to tell me and I’ll tell them not to do that anymore. What if they don’t listen when they are little kids? I’ll spank ‘em. I mean really bad.

Mikie (on his future kids if they cause a car accident):

This is what I’ll do, I don’t know anything about that… I’ll have to guess that one when I grow up.

Mikie (thoughts on his future kids moving):

I’ll get a movin’ truck and get ‘em to do that. I would buy their house if they can’t sell it. Yeah, then I would move again after a couple years. Then someone else would have to buy it and the house would be normal.

Mikie (thoughts on the snow):

I don’t think there is anything bad. Except because it gets in your neck sometimes and makes you cold and then you feel like, you just don’t like it.

Mikie (when asked about habits):

What are habits? Well, the bad habit that I usually do is I usually try to “kid.” And usually do like the real real lies, I mean like when people tell us not to do stuff and we go ahead and do it. Last time I remember was when I think in the summer but daddy told us not to take our shirts off and go in the sprinkler but we did… that’s all I remember.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm so glad to say I'm feeling better today! I'd say I'm 92%...

And I'm watching last night's American Idol. Does it get any more relaxing? The kids are at Nanny and Papa's today and it's been a nice day to recharge the ol' batteries. I've been doing some work in Quickbooks and odds and ends for our website.

I hope you have a good one - try to get some relaxin' in yourself!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Willing to

me looking like POOP hanging with Rocky and Beana
you guys getting anything off that pan???

I thought making cookies today would be a good use of time - seeing as how it's a snow day and all. The boys Valentines Party was supposed to be this afternoon, I'm not sure if they will reschedule it or not? They don't have school again until Monday so do they have one "after the fact?"

Anyway - the cookies... umm, they didn't exactly turn out. I didn't have Crisco so I used butter instead. Umm, I should know better! Flat as pancakes and stuck to the pans like glue!

I am thinking we'll head up for a rest in a few. I'm pooped! Not so sure the boys are willing to lay down, but at least play quietly in their room. Mol is ready for a snooze too. She's been doing so well with undies - she hasn't had an accident here at home since ??. Big girl :)

Well, I'd better get the boys off the Wii. Ohh and Rocky is here til next Tuesday so between him and Bean, we get some pretty animated barking going on. Bean is deeper, Rocky is one notch up so it sounds like a song (except for when someone is trying to sleep)!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sittin' and Scrappin'

a pic from this past weekend...

Lost Count

Hello all! We are back from a GREAT weekend away with Jay and Shawna. We went up north and the boys skiied/snowboarded while Shawna and I scrapbooked. It was wonderful! A fireplace cracklin' - peanut m&m's galore - nice meals out with our hubbies each night - ahh, wish we were still there! It was great!!

I managed to pick up Molly's cold symptoms along the way this weekend and so today Mol and I are layin' low. A bit of a sore throat, ear ache on and off, major snot nose and cough.

Last night in the middle of the night I lost count as to how many times I was up in the night helping any one of our kids or trying to get Erk out of his bad dream. Mikie had to cough and didn't want to so he kept waking me up telling me "it was still in his throat!" Molly woke up a few times needing kleenex and Jack woke me up to see if I had checked on him yet. What?! Ohh and Rocky got excited every single time and his tail would wap the bed post or closet doors. Bean whined when I got up, I even ended up giving her a drink in the bathtub somewhere around 3:30a! Whew - crazy house I tell ya!

But not today (crazy house that is) - Mol and I will eat lunch soon enough and lay down for a naperooni. I hope you are having a good day! My camera batteries were dead all weekend, but Shawna has some good pix. I'll try to share them with ya lata!

Friday, February 5, 2010


I just dropped Molly off at my folks and now Erk and I are finishing packing for our weekend getaway! But I wanted to tell you this from last night -

Around 12:36am (roughly :) Molly started crying. I hopped outta bed to see what was wrong and she had puked. She was standing in her crib telling me,

"Mommy, akkies on it, dare puke on my pillow. Dare puke on my bwankie, dare puke on my arm."

So I got her all cleaned up and new sheet and jammies. By this point she was shaking from being cold and you know how it is after ya puke. So I wrapped her in 2 blankies and sat on the floor with her in her room and rocked her. Back and forth... We started talkin.

"Where da moon go, Momma?"

I told her it was hiding. She wondered

"the dun-dine hide-een too, Momma?"

Yep. Then we talked about how Jesus is up in the sky too. She looks out her window a minute and says,

"I can't see De-dus Mom?"

So we talked a few minutes about where He is and how He's in our hearts. So she stops quivering and I put her back in bed. She of course wants all new blankets (even though the other ones were still clean after the puke fiasko). I give her a kiss and say ni-nights. She pulls her little hand out from under the covers and waves with a big smile,

"Ni-nights moon and dun-dine too... Ni-nights De-dus."

Happy Friday!

Good morning from the mismatched lady :) She's so funny!

We are headed out this weekend! Can't wait - the house will be looked after, the kids will be having fun and so will Erk and I. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Puzzling what moms do all day...
the boys getting ready to get on the bus

what's that between your toes Molly? RARE!

Deer Bean

Here is Bean barking at 2 deer this morning, I went out to snap a picture of the incredible sky and the deer were just crossing our road.
Jack and Mikie are BIG into Star Wars, I guess someone else is too :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

these are from the other morning, but cute how the boys love to see Hunter too :)
earth to Mikie, come in Mikie

Molly picking Hunter's toe fuzz again!


Good morning! Hunter is here and although he still looks like he feels like poop, I can tell he has a little more energy than Monday. He's got a sinus infection and ear infection, poor baby! Molly is already munchin on a snack and it's not even 9a!

The boys got on the bus like troopers this morning. I was able to stand out by the bus stop with them today (in the middle of our front yard) since Erk was still home. Mol watched us from the family room window. Then come in the house only to find she has "poo poos" in her pants! Yep, underpants. Mmm, always a treat :) But we got 'er all cleaned up and was told when Hunter was dropped off that he puked this morning - here's to hoping today isn't puke+poop all day! HA!

Better empty the dishwasher and clean up a little. Nothing back from the showing the other day - but we'll just sit tight!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How many ways can I say irritated?

Miss Molly is putting on any hat, gloves and mismatched shoes she can find. She thinks she's going outside.

"Where my oder one gwub, Mom? (where is her other glove)

The boys are outside burning off some energy. We've had a weird sorta day - Mikie, Mol and I slept in until 8a. That was some kinda miracle! Jack was up before that but stayed nice and quiet. Erk came and gave me a kiss goodbye at 7:30a and I fell back asleep for a half hour. Anyway, Jack wanted to go to Target to spend some money from his piggy bank. And on these "no school" days it's always a plus to find something to do. So we head out - they walk up and down the aisles, Mikie can't make a decision to save his life. I'm getting irritated (let's face it, I was already before this point) so any little thing (like Mol saying she had to pee, so haul everyone into the public restroom that hasn't been cleaned in a week) was just making me more and more irritable. We managed to make it thru though.

Once we were home and the boys were playing with their new found fun items (Jack a light saber and Mikie a Nerf gun) someone ended up crying, hit in the face accidentally or a bleeding lower lip. My irritated level went up about 3 notches - and I finally started yelling. Didn't even care if I woke Molly up from her nap - the boys needed to realize they had to find something creative or productive to do! No more hurting each other or whining or coming to me about everything. Go outside! Put a puzzle together! Color! Anything!

Wheweeee... so now here we are post-supper, Erk is now playing with Molly (who has 2 winter hats on and shoes on the wrong feet) and the boys are doing whatever boys do outside at dusk. Soon it'll be bedtime and time for Erk and I to watch GH :)