Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 legs

Hello! It's Tuesday although it feels like a Monday. Probably cause Erk took yesterday off. It was a fab day yesterday with a trip to Lowe's, lunch out at a taco joint with great burritos and then to Kohl's for some new home goods. I'll have to snap some new pictures to show you even more changes happenin here. We got new bedding for our bed and some cute throw pillows. Moved an armoire that's been hiding in our office with all of my business stuff in it - moved it into the "den" as we call it now and put our tv in it. Got some slip covers for the chairs we had (Mol already peed on one of our new covers this morning!) and some other fun stuff. WOW, this SO fun and so rewarding, lemme tell ya. I love our house all over again! It feels great :)

The boys started tennis lessons yesterday morning - they will have them 3 mornings a week for 3 weeks. So far, super fun. Both of them seemed to truly enjoy it. Their coach has a prosthetic leg. Way cool that she coaches tennis. There I sit on my butt on the bleachers with 2 legs and she runs around with the kids with one!

I suppose that's about it. Ohh, my laptop pooped out yesterday and I about had a heart attack... but the local computer place (if you can get past the smokey dingy smell in there) fixed me up for $30! I'm so thankful!