Thursday, June 3, 2010

Laundry Day

Good morning! It is a good morning despite the lack-o-rest I got last night...

It all began at 3:38am with the first weakened calls,
Both of my eyes popped open at once and I hopped outta bed. A mom knows that tone. Sure enough, Molly was standing in her bed with puke on her sheets. So I clean her off and set her down while I get to replacing sheets. She becomes a chatty Kathy doll and is all, "do you like those sheets? I want some pink ones!" and on and on. What a nut! As I'm finishing puke duty, in comes squinting Mike.
"What are you doing Mike?"
"Umm, my bed is wet."
Knowing there aren't any towels upstairs in the cupboard, I head down in the dark, holding Molly's puke gear. On my way to the laundry room in complete darkness, my foot (which I must say, my toes are like another set of fingers) grabs ahold of someone's dirty clothes from the day before. So there I went carrying dirty sheets and jammies in my arms and Molly's dirty skirt she left on the floor with my "fingers." Grab Mike some towels, head back up. Get his bed all changed out and Jack wakes up.
"Mom? I'll do my best so my bed doesn't get wet."
"Ok bud, good night... I'm gonna go puke and pee in my bed now!" I joke.
Back to bed I head. Before I get there I check on Mol one more time. Jack meets me in the hallway.
"Umm, Mom? My bed is already wet."
Back down the stairs I go, more towels (no pickups this time along the way but I did trip on a pair of crocs in the dark) - and get Jack situated.
Finally back in my cozy still warm side of the bed when I hear that familar call.
Both eyes pop back open, the warm cozy sheets get tossed back and into Mol's room to find more puke. Get her outta bed, change the sheets again while she is telling me about her babies and the pants she wants to wear. Mike comes in again.
"I can't find my B."
"It's probably wrapped up with your pee sheets Mike."
He insists there is no pee on his B. So back in their room for the hunt in the dark for a tiny white remnant that was once his blanket that he still keeps in his bed. He can go with or without it, doesn't matter. But last night, he wanted it. So we look. Jack is also still awake, it's just after 4am.
"Found it!" Mike calls out and lays back down.
Good deal. I go back to bed for 1/2 hour only to be woken up again by Molly. One more puke time, and this time I plopped her in bed with us. No more sleep was had...

Fortunately she hasn't puked again and is her usual self this morning - wanted to eat all kinds of stuff for breakfast but we opted for plain toast. We'll see what the day brings.

For now? You can find me in the laundry room.