Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Game

Dear Mr. A-Hole who claims Mikie was "picking on your son all night" and your son finally shoved Mike, causing Mike to do a faceplant on the cement in the dugout and cry. To you I'd like to say a few choice words. But at the time, I didn't... I just stood there with a smile and acted like it rolled off my back. Well, honestly? It didn't.
Mike terrorizing your poor helpless boy who was pampered with back rubs and his own batting helmet, two batting gloves, his very own bat and other special gear all t-ball season? Did you know it was t-ball? Not the majors? Did you notice your son climb the fence like any of the other 5 and 6 year old boys?
Well I'm here to tell ya... I didn't appreciate your son shoving Mike down to the ground and leaving him there, not apologizing or trying to help him up. And your comments about how your son basically 'put up with it all night' and after telling Mike repeatedly to stop, shoved him to a faceplant? Lemme just say {Rascal Flatts lookin dude}, you're fortunate I didn't tell Erk until after the game when we were almost to the truck. He wouldn't of minded telling you what he thought about it... and lucky for you you didn't park by us.