Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

Mol coloring in a winter hat (thanks Norah!)

yesterday after lunch -

i think Mol enjoyed her cupcake??

we laughed at this - the boys thought Molly looked like a "repo" woman in her layers of clothes. they thought she looked HUGE!

There'll be no butt kickin' today :) I'm in a good mood. Thankful for a nice turnout with the Open House yesterday (our realtor said 9 couples came thru - his best OH in months!), happy Shawna's and my latest "give-away" is off to a nice start. It's all good...

How are things for you today? I hope they are good. Mol and I are headed to the boys' school after lunch to help with "Mileage Club." We watch the kids go around the track and punch their cards until they are full. It's a great way to get the kids motivated to exercise! Mikie was so proud of his "4 whole laps" on Friday.

Molly is now coloring wearing a winter hat (RARE). I'll see what pictures I have to show ya...