Friday, April 23, 2010

Spilled Milk?

Mol came along with me and Shawna to get out toenails all pretty the other day. Proceeds go to the boys school - Mol did well just hangin' out...

our current driveway

Just doing odds and ends today. I don't think I woke up ornery, but once our house showing was cancelled and I had already done some cleaning, I was discouraged. Discouraged turned into BLAH which turned into ornery. But I'm pulling out of it. At least I'm not in my kids "stuff," I'm just feeling this way. They are being so good - we grabbed some lunch on the way home from dropping some stuff off to Erk at work and they played and played on the playarea until they could play no more. This was after all 3 of them seperately spilled their milk. Crazy weirdos!

I just sent the boys outside - Mol is taking a solid nap! She's tired - naps have been hit or miss so these types of naps are so solid.

We are going to go visit with Nanny, Papa and UB after Mol gets up. UB (Uncle Bob) is in town to help Dad put the dock in the lake. The boys have wanted to "help" so we'll go check it out.

I suppose that's about it? Shawna and I have our all day digital scrapbook crop tomorrow from 9a - 9p at her house. Looks like under 10 ladies, but it'll be a great group! The kids are looking forward to a day with Dad!