Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thanks but no cigar -

Last Friday we had a showing. The kids and I (and Bean the crazy dog) all headed out. We drove around, stopped at some friends, sat in McD's parking lot to eat some lunch... While we were there, our realtor called and said the people were running late. They were 2 hours late! They hadn't even been to our house yet and we'd been gone for over 2 hours. So... they came and we found some other places to go (got a hot fudge sundae). So I hear from our realtor today their feedback:

"The buyer liked the house quite a bit but has decided to pursue newer homes at this point. They were looking at farm houses with large lots and at newer homes with larger lots to start out with. At this point they are ruling out the older homes. Its a great house and they have done some very nice things. Good location too. Thanks again."

So it was worthwhile I suppose, but I just wish someone who likes it so much would buy it! Beak! We have one we have our eye on (well, perhaps I do more than Erk :) that has about 2 months left to complete. They would be open to looking into a contingent offer... We have some stuff to weigh. Man, maybe we'll sell in the next 3 weeks before the tax credit expires? Maybe not. We'll just have to wait it out and see -