Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12.21.10 - Personal Interviews

Tonight I asked the kids a series of questions… As always, their answers were precious and unique to each of their little outlooks on life. Jack the more one word answerer, Mikie drawn out with comical facial expressions and Molly just kept talking in her precious little voice. Jack’s answers are in blue, Mike’s in green and Molly’s in red.

How do you feel about the back scratcher?
Jack: “it’s weird.” Mike smiled and gave a thumbs up. Molly “how do I feel about the back scratcher? I watch Oswald and Olivia.”

What is your biggest issue?
“somersaults.” “umm, about somebody that I know… Molly.” (squinting) “going to Ella’s house.”

Who is your best friend?
“Mike.” (he spelled out) “J-A-C-K” “Ella and Granny and Grampa and Nanny and Chloe and Uppa and Gramma Silvertorn”

What is your favorite color?
“Green.” “Can I write two? Green and white, they are Michigan State colors.” “Pink and purple.”

What are you most afraid of?
“Nothing, I’d say nothing.” “I’m not afraid of anything.” “deer, uhh bears.”

How do you feel about euthanasia?
“what’s euthanasia, I don’t know what that is.” “What is that? Is that the country Asia?” “oh I want you to come with me!”

How many stuffed animals do you have?
(quick to answer) “10! Actually 11.” (thinking, scratching his head, picking his nose…) “3” “1-2-3-4-5-6”

Have you ever heard of a pyramid scheme?
(funny face) “no!” “No.” “Yeah and I don’t like it.”

How many brunettes does it take to change a light bulb?
“I don’t know.” “I know about the light bulb part but not the barnetts part!” “Uh, that light bulb does not work right there.”

Where are kiwi made?
“I don’t know.” “Kiwi? I have no idea where they are made!” “I don’t like those.”

How old do you think Santa is?
“a thousand.” (squinting) “60, 61…” “I don’t know, ok!”

How old do you need to be to retire?
“49.” “my guess is umm, ah any age.” “I don’t know, maybe I turning 6.”

What would Jesus do?
“give us freedom.” “put someone onto earth.” “He would… Jesus will take us to heaven.”

How many spots are on your shirt?
“zero!” (looking at his shirt) “I don’t have any spots on this shirt. (lifts his shirt to his bare chest) “oh you mean this shirt? I’d say 2!” (standing to count and looking down) “1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9.”

Is your room currently clean?
“sometimes” “yeah, I try my best to clean it all the time.” “uh no… no.”

What will heaven be like?
“nothing else then on earth.” “I think it’ll be brighter than anything in the world.” “Bean dog, Molly, Nanny, Chloe…” (Molly listed everyone she knows) :)