Saturday, December 4, 2010


the scene I've looked at for what did I count? 23 years now... and here are my daughters feet and her view of the same backyard the dentist window faces :)
Molly had her first ever dentist visit this past week. She did great! All smiles, so precious!

She was ready with her mouth open w-i-d-e! It was funny, I got my teeth cleaned first (it's been ah hem perhaps more than a year since I went, good thing I take the kids every 6 months though, right?) and Molly was more in my face than the hygenist! She was so curious... even got back splash from the water in my mouth!
Are you ready Mouse? She was so little in that chair!
Random shot of Mikie - I snapped this while driving. He was talking about life in general and I couldn't resist capturing just how funny he is...

the first snow of the season this week made it fun for Mike and Molly during the day to get out and get sleddin'
Then they were ready to relax on Mom and Dad's bed. Seems now that our bedroom is what used to be the family room, our bed is the "new sofa."
Mike's new invention - the "double decker" which consists of one bologna, butter and cheese sandwich and one pb&j. I know, sounds nasty, but he rather enjoyed it!