Friday, December 10, 2010


Happy happy BIRTHDAY, to yoooooooooooooooou (Mom) :)

Just dinking around at home right now, not really the option to leave since our truck is in the shop! Yesterday brought some crazy moments - here are some highlights:

Jack forgetting his snowpants causing a last minute before school run to Nanny and Papa's to retrieve them.

Which couldn't happen due to the truck not starting.

Papa coming over to take the boys to school (and bring the snowpants).

Janet coming up and hanging out with the kiddos.

The neighbor coming over to see how he could help with the truck - involving a run to the auto parts store, then him kindly feeling bad he couldn't help.

Calling a tow truck (estimated to be here within the hour and cost of $90).

Tow shows up and after 3 tries is able to START the truck up (charged us $45 for that).

Driving the truck over to the shop to have it looked at.

The shop owner scratching his head wondering what the trouble is because he was able to start the truck right up... 15 times in a row.

Finding out it simply needs a new battery (which we replaced just over a year ago, but apparently the one we have bites).

So that is why we're currently truckless. But before long we'll go get it, with Papa's help. And then hopefully later today we can go see lil' miss Avery and have the kids get meet her for the first time :)