Monday, December 13, 2010

One-On-One Time

they fight - bicker - pick on each other... but then you catch them watching football. (jack thinks it's mid-summer going shirtless!)
guess who wanted to be a lap dog last night? I gotta tell ya, I didn't mind one bit!

and today... truly starting to show her age (her birthday is tomorrow), your last day being 9 Bean, and you can't quite jump up on the bed, can ya?

Between me and Bean, we have enough hair falling out to make a series of puppets! Sheesh! Good thing the Lord knows how many hairs on are my head ;)

It's a snow day - Jack wasn't exactly thrilled at first. He knew if the weather was bad enough for a snow day, then he probably wouldn't get to do his one-on-one time today. (All 3 kids have been working towards a personal goal, it's different for each of them, but the reward is a sticker on their chart and once they hit a certain amount, they get to do special one-on-one time).

BUT, he will. He chose Papa to spend some time with and Papa will pick him up around 3:15 for a movie and dinner. Very nice :) Mike also earned his last sticker this weekend so he has also earned one-on-one time, which he wants to spend bowling and going to dinner (he's also mentioned dessert about 16 times) with me :) So that leaves Miss Molly who gets to spend some quality time with Daddy tonight! All in all, a great evening ahead!

I hope all is well with you! With the cold/snowy day - it isn't all bad to stay put... but I ordered our groceries online so we'll go pick those up. Have a great one!