Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yeah, I've got some things I should probably do today. But right now, I'm enjoying sitting here at home, just me and Bean, with my winter coat still on, cross legged with my laptop on my, well, lap. I had the pleasure of helping in Jack's class this morning at school. What a treat! I am getting to know the kids more and more and they are so cute. There is a little girl, plain jane who always amuses me with her reading. (That's what I helped with, sitting in the hallway with each kid, the "Just Right" books). She has such a sense of humor about what is going on in the books she is reading, she makes me laugh every time. Then there is the boy who reminds me of Mike - he's been in Jack's class for the past 3 years. So funny without even realizing it.

I am so proud of Jack and his reading. He wasn't reading before the school year started. I admit I've felt bad that I don't know how to teach our kids to read, but what a blessing to have a teacher who is a "reading specialist" and now Jack is in the upper tier of reading in his class. As I've been told, "once they get it, they get it." And he does. Wow, he's really doing well. Erk and I still look at each other wide-eyed when Jack is reading a book out loud. We are pleased as punch... He's growing up so quick!

Before the fun times at school, I dropped Molly and Mike off at Nanny and Papa's for their "Wednesday." This morning prior to that brought on some yelling. Mike was in la-la-land :)... Even in the truck on our way to N&P I was yellin'. But as we turned towards their house we were all laughing, and that right there made my day. I knew then that I could move past the kids "not listening to me" - which I reemphasized about 734 times - and just laugh with 'em. So today? Cheers for the laughter!