Friday, October 22, 2010


the other day in Jack's class - the big birthday card the kids all signed and presented their teacher with :)
the fashionista at her prime :)

Hey there - how we doin'? Two bees have met their end in the past 3 minutes here. The first one Mike noticed which was flying across the room like a B-52 bomber. He flew too and fro, scaring the crap out of us by his size alone. I grabbed Mike's shoe and waited for him to land. Mike on the other hand, ran into the kitchen and to the mudroom where he closed the door. A simple lift of the blinds and bam, that big sucker was dead.
So here I sat, carrying on with checking emails and such and I hear a faint buzz sound. Could it be? Nahh. Back to work I go.
"Buzz..." again.
That time Molly heard it. I turn to look, there he is. On the top blind lickin' his chops. Mike takes off and I hear the mudroom door squeak and slam. Here I am left with a smart bee (he knew just where to go so I couldn't get a good shot) and Mike's shoe. Molly sat on the bed and just watched. Top rung of the blind? Was it worth paying for a new blind cause I'd wreck it with my aggressive approach? Nahh. So I twisted the blinds closed. He didn't budge. So I pulled the blind up. He moved to the window where I couldn't get 'em. I waited and watched. Decided to lower the blinds to make him think I gave up. He bought it. So I quickly pulled the blind back up and he flew right at my face. I screamed. I screamed again as I smacked that sucker 43 times to make sure he was dead. Mudroom door squeaks back open and Mike came to see the end result.