Sunday, October 24, 2010

Relaxin Chillin Yellin

i have no idea why this pic is turned sideways! but this was an attempted Christmas card pic, I thought about using it cause it captures them in true form :) I did get a good one though, they may not be thrilled with all of the pix it took, but I am!


It's Sunday afternoon and we are all relaxin. The kids just came in from outside (it's raining), but earlier were playing a computer game in the other room, Mol was making a bed for her babies in our closet, Erk is doing bi-weekly bills and I'm playing around with some photos on my laptop.

I'm not necessarily crabby today, ornery maybe is underlying for me though so I'm just chillin. I attempted some more Christmas card photos earlier and lost my patience. When I started yellin? Mikie looked shocked. I couldn't control it, it was there, ya know? So I took some time to do dishes and realized as much as I've talked to the kids about their reactions to things (which have been way over exaggerated lately) my reaction wasn't the right one either! A good opportunity to talk about the topic ;)

I hope you are havin a good one!