Thursday, October 14, 2010

School . TV . Giving Birth

How the beak did it get to be Thursday already? Wow, I blinked and this week was gone...

Mol and I are headed to hang with Lindsey and Hunter for a bit this morning at their house. We didn't make it to our ladies group at church this week so this'll give us a good chance to catch up :) I had a meeting with fellow moms from Mike's class at a coffee shop Tuesday morning to discuss the upcoming Halloween party. School is truly in full swing! Nice to meet some other moms, even though I'm so bad with names, I don't remember their names and I'll refer to them as "Morgan's mom" and "Ty's mom" :) That's who we become when our kids go to school! I'm not Erin anymore!

Yesterday Mike and Mousie went to Nanny and Papa's for the day. I came home after I dropped 'em off and started watching tv. I got sucked into my new favorite show, Detroit 1-8-7. We DVR it. So there I sat knowing I was gonna be late to meet Shawna to scrapbook but I was completely hooked! It's a good show... I finally made it to meet up with Shawna and we enjoyed some time scrapbooking at Starbucks. Then I had the pleasure of meeting up with Michele for dinner. She has 5 weeks to go and then she'll be a momma! They aren't sure what they are having, what a fun surprise! We got laughing last night at my birthing stories... well mostly Molly's cause hers was the "real deal" for me. The boys were a walk in the park. It's called "being induced." I strongly suggested that option! HA!

I suppose that's about all for now. Bean chewed up an empty paper towel roll and left it all over the family room and Mol is up in her room looking for a pair of socks which means emptying all of her drawers. Speaking of socks, my feet are frickin' freezing! Better pull out Erk's wool ones. Sorry Erk, I'll warsh 'em in time for hunting again :)