Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CUTE words from the mouths of babes...

Jack was so excited to tell me about his buddy at school. “Jared’s mom is having a baby!” he said so proudly in the truck as we drove home from Granny and Grampa’s house last night. “Jared didn’t act excited, but I’m sure he is happy in his heart.”

The other night we were driving to the boys’ t-ball game and Molly starts saying “my boobies!” I said, “Mol, just keep your boobies covered, ok?” and Jack says, “isn’t that what a bra is for?” I told him it was. Mikie pipes in, “I thought… I thought it was to make sure they don’t touch your belly.”

“dorry Momma, dorry.” She says in her cute lil’ voice. Mol had spilled her apple juice on the table. “dorry Momma, I not do it again.”