Monday, May 3, 2010

My Wallet?

Molly opted to put her Barbie jammies back on overtop of her clothes for today. Here she sits on the buffet next to me emptying my wallet, singing the song she hears on Disney Channel in the background. Cute or what!? Well, the wallet emptying isn't overly cute, but I'll give her a free pass...

The boys got up and on the bus this morning, happy for a new week. They have 14 more days of school! Not 14 days until school is out, but 14 until they are done (on June 11). Summer is approaching!

Here come all of the old receipts outta my wallet. Oh, here is one from Golden Corral, Erk's favorite place we went on vacation! hehehehe -

Off we go, now the change compartment is open and I'm losing money on the deal :)