Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stop in Awe

What a mixture of things over the past few days. From helping with Communion to being told our house “smells.” What the beak?

On Sunday we met up with Mom, Dad, “big” Molly and Emily at church. We all sat down (after having to decide where we’d all fit in one pew) and the pastor walked by. He shook Erk’s hand, then kneeled down next to Erk and said “would you guys be willing to help with communion today?” Uhhh… SURE. Not really a choice when the pastor asks you himself! HA! So I sat there trying not to be nervous about it – and when I started thinking of how it’s not about what I’m wearing or if my face turns red, I was fine with it. I saw it as a privilege. Even with realizing that though, I was afraid that I’d forget what I was supposed to say! “The body of Christ, broken for you…”

So it comes time when he asks for the “helpers to please come forward.” We walk up along with another couple and I and the other lady clean our hands. Our pastor serves us communion and we get the elements and head to where we are supposed to stand. “The body of Christ, broken for you…” I am saying over and over in my mind, trying not to lock my knees while standing in front of church. Pastor invites people to come forward, “The body of Christ…” and I was saying it as I should. Over and over. So many times that I wondered if I was even saying words or in the right order? Some of the bread I broke off was too big, some tiny crumbs. Some went on the floor. Uh oh. “The body…” until everyone in church was served. No locked knees, no fainting, no turning red, and when it was done, I felt truly blessed.

On to yesterday with its craziness. You never know when you wake up in the morning what that day will bring. My days usually bring about the same, dirty dishes, laundry piling up, what needs to be done for our website, is the house clean enough if we got a sudden showing… But yesterday went differently. After the boys were on the bus, Mol and I headed to Target. We had to get some lawn chairs to sit in for the boys t-ball games (their first was last night). So Mol and I walked around Target and “dreamed” and then headed to a scrapbook store for some cute colored envelopes. From there, I asked Mol if she wanted to go to Qdoba for lunch (she’s the only one of the kids who won’t list off other places they’d rather go). So we go, get our nachos to share and have a seat. Who pulls in but Kristen (my sister-in-law). I haven’t seen her since early-December. She came over after she got her food and we exchanged hellos. She said they were having Andy’s birthday dinner that night and wondered if we could go. With the boys first ever t-ball game, we wouldn’t be able to make it. But you know what? Andy and Kristen showed up at the boys’ game and stuck around for a little while. It meant a LOT to me! So much so that I fell asleep smiling about it last night.


Cute boys!

Mousie having fun playing on the "wings" aka the swings/playground. She worked it so just about all of us had a turn watching her play on the playground!

Nice arm, Jack!

On our way home from t-ball (thanks to Nanny, Papa, Granny and Grampa for coming too by the way), Jack opted to ride with Erk and Mike and Mol rode home with me. On our way, I had something underneath just instinctively tell me to go a different way. I drove right on past the road we always take and went up to the next intersection. Mikie even said “Mom, you forgot that turn!” I told him we were gonna take a different way. So we keep on going route B and you know what? The car in front of us sped right through the stop sign. Never hit his brakes, never even looked. I cupped my mouth with my hand and said the words, “stop, stop, stop! He didn’t stop!” I sat there at the 2-way stop in awe. Had we come the other way, we would have hit him. Gracious Lord! Wow, that was powerful to know and see God’s timing.

And for anything crazy today? Well, I guess there hasn’t really been anything that nuts. Except finally hearing back from the showing on Saturday that our house has a SMELL. WHAT? Kiss mine! A smell? Of course the other feedback we got was fairly positive (they “loved the setting, garage, outbuilding in back, large kitchen”) but alls I hear is my house STINKS!?! Jerks.

We just wrapped up lunch a bit ago, Mol is down for a nap (she likes to take all of her dolls clothes off for some reason, so there are like 6 naked babies in her crib), Mikie is upstairs playing quietly and Jack is sitting here across the table coloring Star Wars characters. Tonight my dear pal Michele is gonna come up for dinner and a walk. It’ll be so nice to visit with her!