Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting Eaten

Is it "eating your own words" or "your words come back to bite ya?" Either way, somethin's getting eaten. I may be eating my words before long - as I've found we all do at times, especially once we are older and realize we weren't always right back in the day :)

In this case, it may have to be eating my own words about our house. Back and forth we have gone, as you all know. Try to sell, pull the sign. Try to sell, pull the sign. Try to sell this third time with a realtor thinking the 3rd time will be the charm. Is it? Or are we right back to where we were the past 2 times when the sign has been pulled...

Fact is - this house needs some help. A few things here and there (that right now feel like a mountain size worth). So do we fix 'em? Do we put more money into it? I don't know. Would we be able to sell the house as is? I'm sure we would, but for what price? And how long will it take? Would it appraise for what it needs to (bear with me, this is my mind talking out loud). Whew... so... what to do.

Fix it and stay? Just bow out and say we'll stay here despite my own words saying "we will keep it listed until it sells this time!" Will the busy road situation change if we stay? No. Can the kids ride their bikes openly and freely in our driveway? Umm not so much. But could we turn our existing home into what we long for? Probably, in time. But that "cements" us here, in this spot. We do the work? We are stayin. We don't do the work and get robbed on the selling price of the house - and move on.

I might be tasting my words before long...