Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Showing

Nothing like the smell of apple crisp baking on a Saturday afternoon :) Soon we'll head over to Nanny and Papa's for the evening. Can't wait! We get to hang with Mol (big Molly that is :), Em, Chris and Megan! Not to mention my folks :)

Mikie, Molly and Molly feeding the fish

Jack, Mikie, Molly and Molly

Uhh, Bean? Isn't the water a little chilly?


We were over there for a bit this morning during a showing. Yep, a showing the day after the tax credit ran out, but hey, a showing is a showing, right? There was a business card left behind so my quick cleaning was worth it this morning. While I stayed home to clean, Erk took the kids for Jack and Mikie's t-ball pictures and out to breakfast. It was marvelous to clean all alone! Bean dog left with me and went (her typical) wacko in the car. At least in the truck there is more breathing room. Her tail kept waggin in my face as she went back and forth from the front seat to the back. She's CRAZY. Erk and the kids came over to Mom and Dad's after they ate breakfast and Erk ended up throwing the football to Bean in the lake. She loved it!