Sunday, May 9, 2010

(it was a) Happy Mother's Day

I have had plenty of rest today... thanks to my hubby who let me go back to bed this morning after the numerous early morning wake up calls. The boys, Molly, Rocky whining to go out at 6:54am (roughly). I get up and half out of it yell down to Jack to let "the dogs" out. You know what his reply was? "You are up, you do it!" WHAT?! It's freakin not even 7am on Mother's Day and I get tude already!? Let's just say he did let the dogs out and I'm glad I got a few extra minutes of peace and quiet :)

Erk had made reservations for lunch out at 11:15am so that was nice. Nice to share good solid family time. You know, we are typically camping on this weekend. But not this year, and that's fine - we woulda frozen our butts off.

After lunch we came home and all took naps (I know, like I said, well rested) and then headed to Nanny and Papa's to see Meg and Tony (so great to see them today, nice of them to surprise Mom!) and Nanny and Papa Loo are in town for a few days. Great to see everyone for a few minutes then on home we came so Erk could watch Indiana Jones with the boys (they've been begging all weekend) and I got some cleaning done. Yep, a showing in the mornin. Such is the life of a house for saler :)

I hope you had a truly blessed Mother's Day! As much as I declare it a Hallmark holiday, I do appreciate my kids and hubby making extra efforts to show me they like me a little :)