Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hey all! Here Mikie stands eating us outta house and home. "I'm hungry!" he always says. Sheesh, what will it be like when he's older!?

We have done a lot today, but it's only 3:30pm?! I guess when the boys brag that their day began at 5:57am, it's easy to see how it's only 3:30pm. We drove out to the "big mall" and walked around, rode the carousel, debating seeing a movie but opted not to. We ate lunch at the mall and walked some more, then headed over to the play area you see above. It was a fun morning/day. Erk is volunteering at the big race downtown so he's outta pocket. The weather wasn't the best for all of those runners! Like 40 degrees and raining. Yuck.

One of the stores we stopped in at the mall was Old Navy - a FAV of mine. Jack had gotten lunch all over his shirt so we grabbed him a new one. We all ended up with new shirts. The boys picked out Molly's Toy Story shirt (as seen above) - rare!

Ohh, now Bean and Rocky are egging each other on. Rock is here this weekend and for the next 2. Just Friday thru Sunday afternoon. He's sucha good boy! I suppose I'd better see if there is any food left for dinner? Perhaps Mikie got into the freezer too! :)