Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kids or Me?

Are my kids nuts or is it me? The morning started off fine, but as the boys got settled into their respective seats to watch cartoons while I'm doing dishes and cleaning up, I got in front of the tv screen and asked them to take showers. Did they? Nope.

"Mikie, get in the shower, please."

He does. He comes out in a towel and limps into where I am and wonders if I'm wondering why he is limping. I'll bite...

"Mom, do you wanna know why I'm limping?"
"Sure Mike..."
"Well, that sliver I had last night, it kinda hurt and I'm limping."
"Ok Mike, how about you dry off and go get dressed."

Off he goes to what I figure is his room. Nope. I check the family room and there he is soaking dripping wet on the couch watching cartoons.


He sits up and looks all scared.


So I go back to what I'm doing and go in the family room again. There is Mikie, BUCK NAKED watching tv. He apparently got rid of the towel in the laundry room and forgot what to do next. SERENITY NOW!