Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We have taken in some amazing sites! Yesterday was awesome going to the lakeshore and takin in the dunes. Not that any of us wanted to run down them, cause we knew we'd have to come back up! Someday when the kids (mainly Molly) are older, we'll do it. I just saw myself having to carry her up the dune and that made the decision pretty clear!

Today we are hanging around the campground, been on a few bike rides already and just ate lunch. We're gonna head to the beach (a 1.2 mile walk from here) in a bit. Erk is snoozin on the couch with Jack laying on him. I just snapped a pic :)

Our phone signals are still weak. Called Ma yesterday on our way to a place she knows well from her childhood but lost the signal twice. Sorry Ma (and Dad), couldn't find a t-shirt! I could look for one that says "up yours" if you'd like! HA! :)

Ohh, and the biggest news here - both boys have worked hard to earn their "Junior Ranger" badges and patches. They were "sworn in" today! HA! SO FREAKIN' CUTE! Mikie actually earned his last night and once he had that badge, he was trying to "pull Jack over" on his bike and this morning he was all about "I'm gonna go undercover dressed like a little boy, but I'm gonna be watching for people going on the trails with their bikes..."