Sunday, August 8, 2010

Up North

Hello and good evening! I'm waiting to upload some pictures to share with you, but wouldn't you know, right here in the middle of no where, it is taking a long time :)

How have ya been? We left Friday afternoon for "up north" and are enjoying some fam/friends time camping. We will be at 4 different campgrounds this week, coming home on Sunday. We have many hands taking care of our house and Beana, so we are thankful for that. Had to work it a few different ways to have her covered. She shouldn't be too lonely. If only she wasn't sucha spaz and we could bring her along!

We went from our first "stop" on our 10-dayer this morning, to here. We like to call our first stop on the front leg of our trip "the Hilton." Boy, was that a nice campground, they lead you to your campsite by golf cart and deliver your campfire wood. The kids had fun at the pool, they made a fort and rode bikes (Mikie is non-stop on his new bike). Heck, the trailer next to ours was being detailed right there next to us. CRAZY!

Now that we're at "stop #2" we are looking forward to using our 50 cent tokens on 3 minute showers :) We love this place - haven't been here since the boys were 3 and 2. Remember that Mom and Dad? I was prego with Mol and we made the 14 mile (seemed like it) trek to the Lake and it was the most amazing site. Worth the walk in my puffy swollen feet all that way in sand. The walk back? Argh! hehehe - we hope to make that journey on Tuesday morning with a picnic lunch. It's absolutely breathtaking... the views. Hopefully I can show you LOTS of pix this week of what all we see. Doing some sight seeing tomorrow too that'll be amazing I'm sure.

We just came in the trailer from our beautius campfire to call it a night. The kids have all been in bed since before 8pm, and now it's about time for sleepy. I'll try to hop on here and say hello more this week - phone signals are spotty and I'm using my phone right now as my modem (just like at home)! Talk to ya soon :)