Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ohh, and I forgot to mention - on Monday we went to Nanny and Papa's to visit - Mer Mer was there too which was great - and Jack stepped on something in the lake. I was walking down the steps to the patio and he said, "ouch, I stepped on something." I didn't think much and sat down and he held his foot up while holding onto the raft, "look Mom, I'm bleeding."

So I got up and walked down to get a closer look. Umm, yeah. That was quite the cut.

Needless to say Mike and Mol stayed with Papa while I took Jack to the med-center. Three stitches later and he's limping around (see where Mikie got inspired?) and flag football is out for him. It started last night. Perhaps I'll sign him up for that "archery" class I read about in the school paper. He likes that sorta thing :)

Ohh and after Jack got his stitches, we ran to Walgreens so he could pick out a toy. He remembers my story of when I got stitches in my finger, how Papa took me to get a Barbie cause I was good :) Jack got a stuffed animal dog named Cargo.