Monday, August 23, 2010


Jack's room before (not the same angle, but you get the idea :)

the top of the stairs before

YEOW! Like that funky orange! the one wall upstairs that sticks out like a crazy lady!

Hello! I've wanted to get on here and say hello for days now but with our freaking internet crap at home (still not working), I haven't been able to. Right now I'm sitting at Panera Bread, getting ready to scrapbook with Shawna. We set this "date" while we were camping a few weeks back and it turned out she had to leave for a bit for her son's first football practice. She'll be back :)

Anywho - whewee, I've been one busy chickita. I painted all 3 kids bedrooms in 2 days! I love it! Mol's is green and pink, Jack's is orange and blue and Mikie's is blue and white (in other words, I didn't paint 2 of his walls, left them as they were). I'll try to post some pix.

Yesterday we had a riot at my folks for a "boat day." Andy, Kristen, Ry and Rach, Uncle Bob and Aunt Julie... it was so fun. The kids all tubed and mixed and matched tubing partners. I took way too many pix of that too :)