Friday, August 13, 2010

I have more pictures I'd like to post but I think my phone signal is growing weary...

We made it! Here we are at our 4th post of duty, our final stop on our 10-day adventure. We will be here all day tomorrow (probably a "beach day") then we'll be headed home on Sunday. It's been a real treat to camp with our BFF's. They are truly wonderful, kind, funny, honest, awesome people and we love these trips with them! Next year we are already planning a trip way up north (like 12 hours north) to camp over the 4th of July. Lord willing!

The last campground we were at was just aw-ight dog. It wasn't anything that we'll rush back to. We had some creepy neighbors that thought they could join in our conversation and watch most every move we made. The old fart was a nice dude, knew a lot about a lot of things, just too much in our business, know what I mean? Some guy on the other side of Jay and Shawna invited Erk to golf this morning, we never met him before yesterday. Nice guy, from the same town we are from it turns out, but none the less, Erk didn't go. Back to creepy fam, they had a young girl (probably 8) that just appeared and felt she could "come on in" when she felt like it. Strange... But oh well, unless she is hiding in one of our compartments, I think we are clear of them :)

The kids were all ready for bed tonight - they were dirty and tired. Mikie especially. That kid has been non-stop on his bike since we left for this trip a week ago. Has it really been a week? Wow, almost seems longer!? Anywho, he had a dirty face all day long, but he didn't care. Poor Jack is still fighting 3 huge canker sores in his mouth so he hasn't eaten much in the past few days except for an occasional milkshake :( Mousie was rather rambuncious tonight, crazy as ever. They all 3 conked HARD come bedtime. Jay and Shawna are at a concert tonight, they've been gone since late this afternoon. They've been looking forward to it all week.

So I guess that's about it. For those of you who are familiar with campin', isn't it better to have full hookup rather than listen to the pump going and going when you run the water!?! Erk is taking a shower and it sounds like a car that won't start!