Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey everyone! I've been go go go today and had hoped to scrapbook at some point. No such luck :) But I did get a lot accomplished so that's not all bad. Went to look for a new bathing suit for myself figuring they'd be on sale or clearance somewhere but no luck. Oh well, my one I have now will be just fine for this week+ camping trip we have coming up. We leave Friday! Four campgrounds in 10 days, can't wait :)

I managed to get the boys some school clothes, couldn't resist on a lil outfit for Mol, got some groceries at a "cheaper" grocery store and honestly was a little creeped out by the clientelle! Not that I'm prejudice, don't get me wrong. There were these 2 dudes lingering around and I kept an eye over my shoulder as I left! From there I went to Meijer for the rest of what we need for our camping trip (and the next few days cause we are FOODLESS, that's what happens when you end up in the hospital and had planned to grocery shop). Anywho, got that stuff, came on home - put in the trailer what was for campin' and the rest in the house. Ohh, not so fun to find the pickles had dumped in the fridge of the trailer all over some food we keep in there. And I kinda forgot to clear the produce outta there since last time so I had some fun lettuce and celery and shelves to clean off. While I was at it (sweating my arse off) I went ahead and wiped down the door of the trailer too. I tell ya, the A/C felt awesome when I walked in the house!

So now I'm saying hello to you and off in about 2 minutes to pick up Mol from Nanny and Papa's. The boys are at a day camp with Granny today and I'm sure lovin' it. I'll try to post some pix, at some point. I hate not having internet here at home STILL. Long story - we'll get it back someday (when I'm old and gray). So for now I have to use my new funky phone as my modem and it just doesn't wanna receive incoming calls, texts and be my internet provider all at once. :)