Monday, November 17, 2008

12 Directions

Why hello! Did you find the new blog ok? :) I just got back from dropping the kids at Granny and Grampa's house. They were looking forward to going over - so much that we were way early and ended up taking a ride in town to kill some time. I found the street that we will live on some day in town. Did I tell ya sometimes we dream of living right in our quaint town so we can walk to things like the ice cream shop, restaurants, parades, bike races, the library, and Granny and Grampa's? :) Tonight I found a great street, one I'd never been down before.

I plopped all 3 kids in the truck and we headed to drop Mikie off to preschool this morning. No one had unlocked any of the 14 doors on the back of that place! We finally saw someone who was coming up the steps to let us in. I thought that would be a good route cause you can walk right in the back and bam, there's the classroom/area to hang coats, etc. When ya park in the front, you have to come in the church, go upstairs, etc. I left Jack and Molly in the truck with it running and once we were in the school, had to wait til his teacher was in class before I headed out. Apparently Jack thought I took too long and was unbuckled and gonna come in! I'm glad he sat tight. We then ran to the post office and came on home. I laid Molly down for a nap and Erk was sleeping, so Jack and I laid down and took a lil' snooze together too. Felt great!

Come lunchtime, Papa brought Mikie home from school and before we knew it, Shawna and Ivan were here for our Monday meeting. I felt like I was being pulled into 12 directions! But it was great to sit and visit and touch base on what we have coming up for "work." That's what I'm gonna do now, hopefully, is start to design an invite we were asked to do. Then after a bit, I'll go pick up the youngins and head to bed earlier than I did last night! Sleep tight ya'll!