Monday, November 17, 2008

Early Bird

Beak! What a short night! Jack is up and laying on the couch wide awake, last I saw Mikie upstairs around 5:30a, he is wide awake and bam, I'm already showered! I got up in the night to give Jack meds again, this after me being the only one up and awake until after 11p last night. I should have gone to bed sooner and I knew it. Erk was snoring so loud I couldn't fall asleep (poor Erk, he snored all night and can barely talk right. His throat is killin' him. So the nastyness of the cold/flu whatever the heck you wanna call it has now hit him pretty darn hard. Dad has it too, Granny and Grampa both do too. When it rains, it pours, eh!?) Mikie came in our room needing a drink in the night, I kept getting up to check the kids - Molly was never covered up with blankies and it's cold upstairs at night! Then Erk wakes me up to get Bean dog to quit barking at ohh say 5am, he had been calling her but she never came upstairs. So I come down to get her to come upstairs to bed (what a rare animal) and go check the kids and Jack isn't in bed. What!? I had a moment of panic, but then found him down here in the dining room! He was sitting by the heat coming out of the register. He ended up wanting to lay on the couch. After trying to fall back asleep myself, I decided to get up and here I am!

So Jack will stay home from school this week and Mikie will be on his way this morning. I bet Mikie won't mind a break from the quiet, sitting around house that this has been lately!

I hope you have a good day -