Thursday, November 20, 2008


We needed to get out earlier… BAD. This has been a week of sticking close to home and we needed a change in scenery. Nothing that would strain the poor lil bad breath guy, just some other human contact. So we headed out to lunch. What better a time of day to get outta dodge? We went fancy today – Olive Garden as a matter of fact (cause we had a gift card :) and in we walk, me and my 3 kids. You would be amazed at the discrimination that takes place towards a mom and her children. I’m not joking! Here I thought it was only The Villages in Florida who does that, but nope. People won’t move outta my way to put our “name in,” they just stand there crowding the door in their suits and work dresses. Umm, MOVE. Then I put our name in and see a code written down, “13” next to our name. What is 13? The girl hands us a pager and we head into the bathroom so I can quick change soggy diaper baby. We head back into the lobby and wait, along with the oversized lunch crowd. Sure there are seats for people to sit, but do people think of the woman holding a baby and her two little boys? Ohh no, they grab the seats immediately when we are standing right there. They “page us” and back we head to the table next to the table in the corner. It should be noted a woman and her father (I assume, she kept referring to him as grandpa) and her two kids were sat in the corner. Anywho, our waitress comes finally after a few minutes and wouldn’t you know? It’s a young GIRL, not the man who waited on every other table around us. Huh, coincidence? I’m proud of my kids, I won’t lie, they do well in restaurants. I notice an older woman sitting nearby who keeps looking over at us (politely, not scoffing at all) and wouldn’t you know, she gets up for what I assume is a potty break, and walks over to our table to tell me how “well behaved” she thinks the kids are. She asked their ages and Mikie was telling her he goes to preschool and has to write his name and couldn’t write it before but he can now… and she said again how well behaved they were. I said “yep, they are good kids” and she touched my right shoulder and said “all babies are born the same, you have raised these kids well, that compliment is for you as well.” What a nice lady! I’m glad she didn’t see me about an hour before that! :) I was nowhere near the perfect mom this morning! It sure made my day though :)