Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Can't


stop Molly from smushing all the packaged fruit bars while I am helping Jack puke in the bathroom (that was yesterday, poor kid).

keep my floors clean.

grow fingernails.

sit back and relax on any given day.

believe how much Jack is like Erk, he took it upon himself to dust earlier!

resist doing an Elmo impression every night before bed (for the boys, not Erk).

seem to change the fact that my daughter eats all paper, plastic and cardboard she comes across (even in secret) .

not eat too much during a PMS week.

understand how they could have gotten away with Mike Seaver’s best friends name on “Growing Pains” like they did.

keep my hands from being dry and cracking in the wintertime.

always answer questions on the spot like, “Mom, is Rudolph still alive?”

stop eating Oreos once I start.

wear a hat all day, it makes my head too itchy.

always have all the patience I'd like to have.

keep track of sippy cups.

stop writing a blog cause I love it so much :)