Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Good evening. I hear Erk telling Mikie to settle on down in the other room :) Jack just woke up from a nap (it's after 6p!) and the rest of us just finished up supper. Jack conked around 5p or so and we let him sleep. Then he woke up feeling bad that we ate without him (of course what we ate he wouldn't have wanted anyways with his sore throat). So I'm making him some mac n cheese real quick. We have some in the fridge from yesterday, but he wants "fresh." I'll do that for him :)

We had a pretty quiet day - went this morning and rented WallE and Wallace and Grommit. Have you seen WallE yet? I think it's super cute. We watched that one and will watch the other one tomorrow sometime. Tomorrow morning Molly has her 15 month wellchild check. FIFTEEN MONTHS? Wow, where the beak does the time go?

I think Erk is starting to feel a tad better so that's good news. He asked me if I think tomorrow he'll wake up feeling better. I sure hope so! I hope for less snoring tonight too, to be honest. It's hard to fall asleep when the roof and its shingles are being sucked up and down from all the snoring! HA!

Off I go to see if the mac and cheese is up to par...