Sunday, November 23, 2008

'Fantastik' Day

I just had the opportunity to clean human feces off the twisty faucet in our bathroom. I was simply on the path of taking a quick leak, but it turned into a full on “what the heck happened in here” moment. It started with the tissue sitting on the counter that looked to have some familiarly colored brown stuff smeared on it that I picked up with my thumb and pointer finger and tossed in the toilet. As I go to flush it down, I see the box of Kleenex has even more “friends” hanging out on it. I call Jack into the bathroom. “What happened here!” “Ummm…” Umm YEAH, I think I know. So I tell him he HAS to tell me these things WHEN they happen, not for me to come across them. Then I turn towards the sink and my “trying to handle it rationally” turns into “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” There is poop intertwined on the faucet handles. So I get the “Fantastik” out and start spraying everything in site. As I’m cleaning I start coughing, which leads to gagging. Jack comes in and asks, “you alright, Mom?”

After finishing my task of cleaning it all up, I take my leak and head out. Only what do I find? Poop smeared on the door as I exit. You know? I have cleaned up more POOP in my life than any other single thing. Not something I’m proud of, that’s just a fact. On sinks, spread too and fro. I’ve had my share. I’m good now – next poopy pants Molly has? It’s waiting until Erk gets home from work (she already pooped today and yep, I changed her) so he can mess with it! :)