Thursday, January 7, 2010

For Sale!

Come on, Jack! Smile for the camera! :)

Sa-weeeeeeeeeeet! Our house is for sale! Our house is for sale! The realtor came today to snap pix and said "so, you ready to do this!?" I assumed he meant take the pictures (since I cancelled yesterday and moved it to today) but he said "I'll put the sign in your yard?" Umm, OK! We were gonna do it next week, so what's a few days early. How exciting!

Now we'll just sit and wait and see what happens. Third time is the charm, right!? The other 2 times we've tried to sell were by owner, so we'll see the kind of exposure this gets. Kent (the realtor) called not 5 minutes after he left and I thought, "CRAP, already we have a showing!" but nahh, he just forgot to leave the key box :)