Sunday, January 10, 2010


So - here we are on Sunday night. How has your weekend been? The kids are in bed and here I sit upstairs on my computer while Erk watching football.

We had a showing on our house already! Yep, last Friday. But we haven't heard anything yet (even feedback) and to be honest, I'm not sure anyone was even here! There were no real signs of anyone being here (Erk's dad came to plow just as we were about to pull in the driveway so I couldn't see tire marks) and no business card or anything was left by the realtor. So, who knows!? Maybe we'll hear something, perhaps not. I can't figure our first lookers want it, right!?

Now Molly is crying. I think she is just playin' me right now. One of her "babies" doesn't have a shirt on. "Bebe need a shirt Momma!" Well, I'm thinkin' baby will sleep without one tonight!

I got Photoshop yesterday! I've been wanting to get it for a while. Shawna and I plan to learn it to teach and help our customers who scrapbook with it. But whew - talk about overwhelming! Maybe I should take a class... Off I go - better check on the fake cryer!