Monday, January 4, 2010

This Morning

The boys are back to school today. And my little angel… playing so quietly while I am on the phone with our internet provider for 20 minutes before the dude (with a strong accent) hangs up on me. Did I mention I was behind the “tower” of our computer so it was a tad frustrating to be at that point and have him hang up on me? So I call back – another 15 minutes with some other dude only to find the trouble is with our wireless router so now I get to call another place and deal with being on hold and someone from another country. Ohh but during this? Mol was pure gold.

Talked to Dad for a bit this morning about the weekend… Mol? Playing ever so quietly and cute. Talking to her babies and listening to music. Then as Dad and I were going to say goodbye, she is talking of “my poopy” and I see a diaper in her hands. That my friend’s is when things took a turn for the worst…

The diaper was full of poop, Molly clothes were still in tack (overalls) and can you imagine what was still in her clothes? So I scold her and grab her half heartedly (not wanting to share in the poop myself) and run upstairs. All the while telling her that “Mommy do it! Not Molly… Mommy change your diapers!”

We get to her room and find poop all smeared up her belly, on her buns and legs. Strip her naked and in the shower she goes. All the while, I get to hear “poopy dower, poopy bobbie, poopy ackies, poopy cup and more poopy dower” (translation – poopy shower, poopy Barbie (yep, the Ken that’s been in the shower met his end today). My shirt sleeve is soaked from trying to wipe the shit off (let’s just be honest and call it what is was, ok!?) while she is in the shower. The floor is soaked from having the shower curtain open while rubbing off all the crap. There is crap on the floor, crap wet splatters on the walls and crap going down the drain. Let’s just hope the day returns to how it was before the shit hit the fan (almost literally)!