Wednesday, January 20, 2010


(don't mind Mol's mess of hair) - this one is easy to figure out, isn't it? Bean got into the bag of Cheezits when Mol wasn't looking and now Mol is ticked!
Mikie got a new backpack yesterday (his ripped) and he was so excited, he even wore it for breakfast this morning!

Hey all! I would like to post on here more often, sorry it's hard to keep up with all the goings ons :) How ya been? We are great - Mol just went down for her nap and I'm gonna get some work done now (hopefully). The boys are at school today. Bean has been barking at every flake of snow (I think she's losin it for real).

No more calls for showings or anything on the house. I was trying to fold all sorts of laundry this morning but that task seems so endless. At least if we got a call for a showing, the clean clothes wouldn't be in the way!?

Having din din with "big" Molly tonight! Can't wait! It'll be so nice to sit and visit without distractions.

I suppose I'd better hop to other crapola before naptime escapes. Hope you're doing good!?